Kassioun Editorial 1151: Gaza Redraws the Region

Kassioun Editorial 1151: Gaza Redraws the Region

Kassioun’s last editorial, titled: “The Truce, the Beginning of Recognizing Palestinian Victory”, presented the set of goals declared by the enemy at the beginning of its aggression against Gaza, and showed its failure to achieve any of them, and that its mere acceptance of the truce carries within it a partial admission of its failure to achieve those goals.

Now, with resuming its aggression and the additional media and political losses it suffered as a result of the resistance’s ethics in dealing with prisoners compared to its lack of morals, it reaffirms the fact that it failed to achieve its goals. The enemy sees itself forced to resume the aggression, not only out of revenge, but more importantly, it still sees itself defeated, and sees the ceasefire as confirming the defeat and opening the door to translating it politically. Therefore, we see it – and behind it the US – hysterically seeking to overturn the results and continuing within this context to commit simultaneously massacres and follies, in pursuit of the illusion of the possibility of victory.

The other important aspect in pondering the issue is that the borders of the battle, for the American center and its “Israeli” affiliate, are not the borders of Palestine, but rather wider and farther than that. The US is waging its comprehensive war in parallel, and in a number of arenas of global conflict, to defend its crumbling global hegemony and against the new international balance of power. The defeat in Palestine will not take long to turn into a clear political translation throughout our region, which is considered a key in the geopolitical sense, perhaps more important than any of the other global conflict arenas.

Thus, Washington is feverishly seeking to expand the conflict, but in its own way. That is, by trying to use the burning fire in Gaza as a fuse to blow up the entire region within a “comprehensive chaos” based on internal conflicts. In this context, perhaps the closest target is Egypt, the explosion of which could turn into a huge detonator for a series of explosions throughout the region, in which Saudi Arabia will be next. Thus, the aim is to put a stop to the gradual transformation that is underway, in our entire region, towards getting rid of dependency on the US and towards equal relations that benefit from the new international balance.

The American and Zionist arrogance, and their refusal to believe that the change in the international balance is moving in a fixed and irreversible direction towards the demise of Western hegemony, has resulted in them having cognitive blindness, and pushing them towards committing follies and desperate adventures, and towards burning their own boats. In the end, these same follies lead to the opposite of what is desired. That is, the more the Americans increase their pressure towards blowing up the region and its countries, the faster this gradual shift in the positioning of key powers, states, and regimes in the region will go, and the more that shift will take root and become an established positioning.

Despite the pain, tragedies, and massive sacrifices, Palestinian victory has become clear to everyone. One of the positive things due to this victory, albeit not yet final, and due to the Palestinian people and the men of its resistance, is that they accelerated and are accelerating global transformations in the required and appropriate direction for the interests of the peoples of the world. As for our region, they are accelerating the redrawing of the entire regional political map and contributing to putting it on the right track towards complete political and economic independence, which is imminent. When achieved, it will be the first complete political and economic independence in the modern history of this region, and it will be a completion of the collapse of old colonialism, by burying new colonialism next to it in history’s graveyard.

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