Kassioun Editorial 1117: They Are in Trouble!

Kassioun Editorial 1117: They Are in Trouble!

The number of “Israeli” attacks on Syria over the past two months has increased from the level it had previously reached. This exaggeration in bullying and harassment of Syrians, their land, and their interests, is not a sign of strength, as some might imagine. Quite the opposite, it is a sign of an unprecedented crisis, not only for the Zionist entity, but also for its regional agents, those who are known and unknown.

Among the most prominent coordinates of the existential crisis in which the Zionist entity is submerged are the following:

First: The chronic and exacerbating weakness of “Israel’s” main protector – i.e., the US. This includes an accelerating decline in the position of the dollar globally, and the accumulated losses within the entire Western camp, politically, economically, militarily, and culturally, not to mention the contradictions in the ranks of the American elite, which are reflected in the sharp division in “Israel” itself.

Second: The growing role of the rising powers in working to resolve the long-lasting crises in our region. The most important example of this is the Chinese-Russian mediation in resolving the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which irreversibly destroyed a number of Zionist-American projects in the region, including the “Arab NATO” and the “Abraham Accords”.

Third: The intensification of the Palestinian resistance in all parts of the Palestinian land, and reaching a qualitative new state in which all forms of peaceful and military resistance combine in one mixture that is unique in its firmness and ability to drain the enemy on a daily basis, turning the life of the occupiers into a continuous nightmare.

Fourth: The political division that is visible of the Zionist entity’s crisis is merely a façade, behind which lies a set of deep and intertwined complexities and crises that it is experiencing. These include demographic, economic, security, and other crises, which have already been discussed at length by the Kassioun Research Unit over the past two months.

Although the aforementioned coordinates can partially explain the rise in bullying towards Syria over the past two months, they are not sufficient to fully explain things.

A full explanation should take into consideration the direction towards which the situation in Syria has been lately heading at the political level. This situation can be summarized by the following:

First: It has been proven that attempts to obstruct, hinder, and delay the Syrian-Turkish settlement underway under the auspices of Astana, and which constitutes a main gateway towards the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, and against the Zionist and American desires, will not work, and will only be able to delay the settlement for a period of time, which will not be long.

Second: In parallel, the back doors through which the Zionist entity is trying to enter Syria, especially the UAE, which is branded by the shame of normalization, as well as the so-called Jordanian initiative, and with them the so-called “step by step” scheme, all of these doors have started to close almost completely, especially after the Saudi-Iranian settlement.

Third: The new international and regional balances have begun to stifle the kind of Syrian warlords who are working against the Syrian-Turkish settlement, and in the interest of dragging Syria into the quagmire of normalization, or at least trying to balance things between the two international extremes within the framework of playing on both sides and buying time, perchance the US regains its balance and saves the warlords from the political solution and the inevitable change.

The bottom line is that the Zionist entity, and all those cooperating therewith, have entered an existential crisis from which there is no way out. Those who terrorize people with wars that the Zionist entity could wage, and with them the Zionist entity, live in extreme fear of any upcoming war, because we are not in 2006, but rather in 2023, and if a war were to take place, no one can ensure that “Israel” will be able to wage any other war thereafter.

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