Kassioun Editorial 1116: 2254 is Our Gateway to a New World

Kassioun Editorial 1116: 2254 is Our Gateway to a New World

The major changes taking place in the world are no longer a wandering ghost promising of a different future; rather, they have become a reality we are living with an escalating momentum that is solidifying and spreading at higher rates, day by day.

The essence of these changes is that American-Western hegemony is crumbling and collapsing before our eyes. The West is no longer the “center of the world” politically, economically, or culturally, and the neocolonial/unequal exchange system is also collapsing in parallel with the collapse of Western hegemony, and in particular the collapse of dollar’s hegemony.

The international relations system, and with it the regional relations system, are undergoing major changes and are being rebuilt on basis completely different from those during the past decades.

All of this requires us, as Syrians, to think seriously about the ways we need to adopt in order to positively adapt to developments and to make maximum use of them. This is especially necessary in the case of a country exhausted by war and a long and devastating crisis.

Among the most important main keys for positive adaptation are following:

First: The slogan “fighting corruption” must be transformed from a mere slogan that is not intended for implementation, used by the big corruption figures themselves, into a reality. Major corruption in Syria has never been just an economic issue, nor was it just an internal issue, but has always been a political and patriotic issue. Major corruption has always operated in Syria as part of the Western neocolonial system. Striking major corruption is not possible if not stuck with an iron fist. The only iron fist that is capable and has an interest in striking, suppressing, and suffocating major corruption is the Syrian people’s fist, and releasing it requires a whole new legislative and constitutional system, within a completely new political system based on the power of the people by and for the people.

Second: Enforcing the constitutional right to a minimum wage that meets the minimum standard of living. (Article 40 of the current Syrian Constitution, says in its second paragraph: “Each worker shall have a fair wage according to the quality and output of the work; this wage shall be no less than the minimum wage that ensures the requirements of living and changes in living conditions”). In addition to the minimum wage, a clear scale of wages must be approved, in which the upper limit must be 7 times the minimum limit. The entire wage scale must be linked to prices, so that it is adjusted every three months based on a comprehensive consumption basket that guarantees a decent life for the Syrian family.

Third: The wage increase processes must come from real sources and not from inflationary sources, i.e., printing currency. There are two types of real sources: legal and illegal profits, and increasing and developing production.

Fourth: All of these processes necessarily need monetary reform that takes place in a timely manner and in a well-thought-out manner in the interest of all Syrians.

Despite all the destruction that befell the country and the people, and despite all the pains endured, the future is still promising for the country and its people in light of a new world, in which parity prevails and the historical enemies, not only of the Syrian people, but of all the peoples of the world – that is, the Americans and the Zionists – increasingly retreat.

Nevertheless, reaching this aspired future – the one that has begun to become a reality for other peoples who managed to integrate into the new world – will not be possible for Syria without its unity and the unity of its people, nor without having the political will for this major transformation. Forming this will and these circumstances, goes through one path, which is the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, including a transitional period that transforms Syria from a state of destruction and Western infiltration and sabotage to a state of political stability and legal and popular sovereignty over the entire territory and capabilities.

(النسخة العربية)