Kassioun Editorial 1090: The Sea is Behind You and a New World is Ahead of you!

Kassioun Editorial 1090: The Sea is Behind You and a New World is Ahead of you!

It could be said that Putin’s latest speech last Friday, September 30, which he delivered at the ceremony for recognizing the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson regions as Russian regions, represents a turning point in the global battle between an old world order that is crumbling, and a new world order that is in the process of formation.

With the recognition of annexing these regions, and perhaps more importantly, with the directions set by this speech, any “hope” of making any kind of deals that could preserve American hegemony has vanished forever. This is ultimately in the interest of progress of the human race that is no longer possible with continued American hegemony and its unipolar regime, which utilizes unequal exchange/neocolonialism and the dollar as essential tools in plundering, impoverishing, and sabotaging the entire planet.

As Putin rightfully said, “the West is willing to go above and beyond in order to maintain the neocolonial order that allows it to meddle in and, in effect, plunder the world through the dollar power, by dictating technologically, levying a real tax on mankind, and exploiting the main source of unearned prosperity, which is the fee of hegemony”.

On February 27, three days after the start of the Ukraine battle, Kassioun defined in editorial 1059, titled “The Post-Ukraine World” a set of the main features of how the world will look the battle with the West develops. We now officially hear about some of these features from each of Russia and China, and we will hear and see the rest of them as the conflict progresses.

The most important of those features are four, which we will review through exact quotes from the aforementioned editorial:

First: “The historical validity of the global political system in its existing form, represented by the UN and all the major international organizations… has expired… it has become necessary and urgent to reconsider their radical composition in a way that is consistent with the real balance of powers. In particular, it has become a necessity to represent countries and continents of great real and human weight in the Security Council (India and Africa, to name a few)”.

Second: “If recent history witnessed the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, then the NATO alliance continued, and even expanded, creating and bringing one crisis after another. The post-Ukraine world should be free of military alliances, which means that it is time to dissolve NATO”.

Third: “Western sanctions against Russia… will accelerate to the maximum the processes that have been underway for nearly two decades. That is: a) the steady decline in the capacity of the existing global financial system that is based on the dominance of the dollar; b) the decline in the possibilities of continuing with the unequal exchange; c) the development of inter-relations between China and Russia, as well as between Russia and China together, and other countries around the world within the BRICS system and others, leading to achieving a geopolitical upheaval in the international trade system and lines, and in the division of international labor”.

Fourth: “All the regional crises were contributed to by the unbalanced world order, which is governed by the dominance of American plundering. The possibilities of resolving these crises will become greater in the coming days, with the actual collapse of this order”.

It is indeed true that the whole world, as Putin says in his speech, “has entered a phase of revolutionary transformations, which are of a radical nature”, in which the entire world will be realigned on the basis of real positions – not “slogans” – on the system of hegemony and dollar-based plundering at the international, regional, and local levels.

This is a door that is wide open before the peoples, and before us as Syrians, to reach a true congruence for the first time, perhaps in decades, between the patriotic slogan and implementing it, and between the socioeconomic slogan and implementing it. This requires a radical and comprehensive patriotic change, and through the political solution represented by the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, to put Syria on the path of redemption and towards returning to life and prosperity.


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