Kassioun Editorial 1086: Why Do We Insist on Implementing 2254 Quickly?

Kassioun Editorial 1086: Why Do We Insist on Implementing 2254 Quickly?

The daily harsh disasters in Syria reveal that the claims of “victories” made by the various political sides are, in reality, nothing but a complete disconnection from reality. With each additional day of the crisis, the deterioration of the various aspects of people’s living conditions viciously deepens, and the frustration and despair of Syrians increases. In turn, this leads to the increase of the process of bulldozing Syrians out of their country, and the state of geographical isolation turns into a reality, not only by virtue of the distribution of areas of political control, but even more dangerous than that, due to the shrinking of the circles of production, distribution, exchange, and consumption. All of this keeps alive the possibilities of partitioning and raises the danger thereof.

The terms “military decisiveness” and “toppling” have completely collapsed, which re-emphasizes that the way out is only through a political solution, which is specifically represented by the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. The essence of this resolution means enabling the Syrians, through dialogue, to build a new regime, and to build new decision-making mechanisms that truly serve the Syrians’ interests. This is in contrast to the existing mechanisms, which did not spare any means to prove their failure and inability to provide Syrians with anything, and even its inability to stop the violent deterioration that Syrians and Syria are living.

The mechanism for implementing 2254 necessarily passes through direct negotiation, leading to the start of a transitional phase that produces a new constitution and ends with elections at all levels.

All these steps are merely the starting point in the process of a comprehensive and deserved radical change, in the various dimensions. Nevertheless, the results of this phase will start from its outset. This is because starting a political solution means breaking the economic siege and the sanctions through a real relationship with the emerging countries. It also means achieving the necessary condition to expel all foreign powers from Syria, especially the Americans and Zionists. Additionally, it means ending the vertical division among Syrians, and opening the door to mend the identity wounds by grouping Syrians on the basis of their real interests and not on the basis of the interests and alignments of the major war lords and corruption forces who daily diligently divide and separate the Syrian people under various sectarian, national, and other slogans, for their selfish interests.

The big corruption forces and extremists from the various Syrian sides have so far been able to obstruct the solution and prevent stopping the deterioration of the situation through their overt and covert hostility to Resolution 2254 and dialogue in general. This is due not only to their own strength, but also to the international and regional circumstance, in which they have invested to the maximum by manipulatively playing among the various axes.

In addition to the fact that time no longer allows for such games, which have become a direct betrayal of Syria and Syrians, the new international reality makes, with each passing day, the margins of playing and manipulating narrower. Likewise, Syrian patriots on all sides, and who continue to resist all types of sabotage actions, are able, within the new circumstance, and despite the state of frustration and despair that is constantly fueled, to combine their efforts and capabilities to bear the responsibility of reviving the country and reuniting it, territorially and as a people, through the only way: the full and rapid implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

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