Kassioun Editorial 1074: The Response is Immediate Implementation of 2254

Kassioun Editorial 1074: The Response is Immediate Implementation of 2254

Last Friday, at dawn, the “Israeli” occupation carried out a new attack on Syria, in a series of attacks that have been going on for several years. The basis on which these have been taking place all along is the continuation and deepening of the Syrian crisis.

What is new about the most recent aggression, besides its blatant vulgarity, is that it can be considered one of the largest waves of aggression over the years. It is also unprecedented in terms of its outcome, as it led for the first time to completely put the Damascus International Airport out of service.

Targeting civilian airports and putting them out of service is something that usually occurs only in full wars, and even in wars, it is considered an unusual matter, at least due to contravening international laws relating to times of war.

The escalation in Zionist aggression against Syria is not only expressed through bombing, but also through attempts to accelerate settlement procedures in the occupied Syrian Golan, and through the coordinated operations of the semi-announced western circumvention of UNSC Resolution 2254, in pursuit of “solutions” that seek to perpetuate the status of the Zionist entity in our region, within the new global conditions that are going against the Entity, and the West in general.

While it might not be possible to separate this escalation of aggression from the entire ongoing conflict on the international scene, especially from its consequences related to the Entity and its future, yet it is also not possible to separate it from the Zionists’ sense that they are guarded from a response.

The Zionists’ attacks on Syrians’ dignity, sovereignty, and the sovereignty of their country require a real and serious response to restrain them. What hinders a response of this level is the catastrophic Syrian situation at all levels, including the displacement of up to half of the Syrian population from their lands, the tragic socioeconomic situation, the de facto division, etc.

Resolving all these issues goes through one path, which is to reunite the Syrian people and Syrian territory through a comprehensive political solution based on UNSC Resolution 2254.

The responsibility lies with all Syrian sides in defending Syrian dignity. On the side of the regime, it must take its share of the initiative to implement the political solution, by ending the lack of seriousness towards it, and putting national consideration above all other considerations.

As for the opposition, it needs to stop the games and the attempts to suggest that it accepts 2254, and to become qualified to form a serious and balanced negotiating delegation to begin implementing the resolution.

The shortest and fastest way to respond to the Zionist aggression is through a comprehensive political solution based on Resolution 2254, which ends the tragic situation of Syria and Syrians, and lays the foundation for the true unity of the people and the land. It is therefore also the basis for effectively defending Syria and Syrians in a way that restores the undercut national dignity!

(النسخة العربية)