Kassioun Editorial 1070: The Entity’s Crisis and Our Crisis!

Kassioun Editorial 1070: The Entity’s Crisis and Our Crisis!

Shireen’s assassination and the subsequent attack on her coffin, then the reactions thereto, constitute one aspect of a broader and more comprehensive picture of the existential crisis the “Israeli entity” is experiencing.

The roots of this crisis go back to the Entity’s formation, then its continuation as the last remaining regime of settler colonialism and apartheid on earth, all the way to the Ukrainian juncture that is now grinding down the Entity.

The general context, as we have repeatedly said, Ukraine is the tip of the iceberg, which extends deeply all the way to a historic and decisive change in the international balance of powers. Within this change, the West’s dominance, which has lasted nearly four centuries, is getting undermined and eroded. This includes the various coordinates of this dominance, including the nature and institutions of the international political system, the military alliances (practically, NATO), the financial and economic system (the unequal exchange and the dollar), as well as the pending regional crises and their solutions. The “Israel” project was, and still is, a purely Western project, which retreats with the West’s retreat, and gets eroded and undermined with its erosion, which is what we are living and seeing today.

The specific context, has in addition the “Israeli” and Zionist role in Ukraine itself has become apparent and clear. The “Israeli” is fighting side-by-side with the Nazi battalions and supporting them with all the means, in what has become an open and existential war, after the Entity tried in the beginning to disguise itself with the role of neutrality and mediation.

Taking these two contexts together, and adding to them the Palestinian people’s resistance, which continues to grow despite all the efforts to distinguish it, it has become very clear that the Entity’s crisis has reached its existential stage.

In the Syrian context, the implications of that appear in several things, including:

First: The ongoing global change and its implications will not affect the Entity only, but will also affect the entire regional system that has existed for decades. That is because this system derived its continuity from specific equations, in which Western hegemony and “Israeli” bullying prevailed.

Second: The Syrian extremists who are riding the West’s wagon, whether openly or covertly, through their declared political alignment, or through the neoliberal criminality that is begging at the doorsteps of the IMF and the World Bank, have come to a dead end. All their hopes of circumventing a real political solution on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254, and all their “efforts” in this context and their tricks, are doomed to failure.

Third: The dangerous side of the matter is that the Entity, in light of its existential crisis, will exhaust all its tools in our region, particularly towards our country, in the hope of preventing the inevitable. That includes frantic work by the Entity and those with whom it shares passion for the West, to deepen the Syrian wound to the extreme, towards pushing Syrians from their homeland, and planting its future with mines ready to detonate, including a massive decrease in the quantity and quality of producers in Syria, even in the health, psychological, and social level of Syrians, all the way to reducing their average life expectancy.

All of this requires intensive cooperation by patriotic Syrians to put an end to the catastrophe and take advantage of the international circumstance in the interest of Syria and its people, especially by quickly moving towards the comprehensive solution through 2254, which has become the sole entrance towards reuniting Syrians and opens the door to forming the real political will to turn East, politically and economically, which cannot in any case crystalize under the dominance of the extremists, major thieves, and crisis war lords.


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