Kassioun Editorial 1069: Sanctions’ Donors and “Normalizing” the Catastrophe!

Kassioun Editorial 1069: Sanctions’ Donors and “Normalizing” the Catastrophe!

On the 9th and 10th of this month, the sixth edition of the Brussels Conference for the “international donors of Syria” will be held. While this edition does not differ much from its predecessors with regard to its “symbolic” financial pledges compared to the catastrophic situation of Syrians, as well as the declining level of actual implementation compared to the pledges, not to mention the ambiguity of the spending mechanisms and its recipients, it does differ in two main things:

First: The international circumstance in which it is held, including the domestics conditions of the “donors”, especially the Europeans, who were already going through economically complex conditions and are now in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, which according to Western experts first and foremost, is still merely in its beginnings and will not stop deepening. This would place them much more in the position of those who need assistance than the position of those who provide assistance to others. All of that seriously begs the question about the ability of those “donors” to offer their “grants”. Not to mention that all the previous editions gave Syrians political carnivals, which collectively and with all that was paid through them do not compensate the real damage caused by the sanctions imposed by those same “donors”.

Second: This conference comes after a lot had been said about “step for step”, which was focused the whole time around specific mutual steps between the regime and the so-called “international community” – that is, the West. These steps do not aim to achieve the real implementation of the political solution and UNSC Resolution 2254. Instead, they focus on mechanism for extending the catastrophe with the “normalization” thereof, through symbolic steps including a partial solution for the detainees’ issue, which is an extremely important one. However, the disastrous side of the logic presented by the “international community” to resolve the detainees’ issue is dealing with as a bargaining chip in exchange for allegedly mitigating some of the sanctions and in exchange for supposed “grants”, the volume of which is not clear (despite its clear meagerness). Furthermore, it is not clear how much of that supposed meager amount will reach those who actually need it.

Looking realistically at the size and nature of the catastrophe that Syrians are living at the various levels, starting with food insecurity for up to 12 million Syrians; as well as the energy sector disasters, a ruined production, and a paralyzed economy; all the way to the domination of the criminal economy in its different forms.

Also looking realistically to the stormy change that the world is witnessing, through which we see the fast retreat of the Western system in all its aspects, starting with its economic and financial foundations, we see in all of this the countries that was independence and a future in which they rapidly disengage from being captive to the dollar.

In light of these major events, the clear truth Syria-wise is that the correct path is to turn East in all senses of the word, politically and economically. This means breaking with liberalization and its policies that are drawn from the World Bank and IMF, and breaking with the “donors” bargaining, from which they only want to prolong and deepen the catastrophe. The clear path is to turn East by abandoning the dollar system and the illusions it sells.

Ultimately, this path expresses deep socioeconomic interests that in no way serve the interests of the plunderers who have been organically linked for decades with the West and its system.

In sum, the Eastward path necessarily passes through a radical political solution that crystallizes the will to get Syria and the Syrian people out of the quagmire. While this requires the solidarity of Syrian patriots, it also requires their awareness that the way toward this solution is the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, and implicitly requires that they work together to push towards its full implementation.

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