Kassioun Editorial 1050: On The Threshold Of 2022, Where Is The World And Where Is Syria?

Kassioun Editorial 1050: On The Threshold Of 2022, Where Is The World And Where Is Syria?

As the new year begins, thirty years will have passed since the tragedy of the unipolar world’s emergence.

After all these decades and with all the major changes they brought on, among the main features surfacing in the world at the end of this year are the following:

First: Washington continues moving along a line that is descending at all levels, at the heart of which is the economic. This includes the continued migration of production processes, the crisis of the general debt, fragility of the growth figures, the deepening of social inequality, the increase in severity of the various types of secondary contradictions, and the beginning of the erosion of the dominance of the dollar system within the international relations systems.

Second: The European honeymoon has ended, not only with the English divorce, but also with the deepening of contradictions, on the one hand, between the richer countries and the countries of southern Europe, and on the other hand, among the richer countries themselves on the basis of the ongoing international polarization between China and its allies and the Americans and the English. Perhaps more important than this and that is the deepening of social contradictions at the level of each country alone with the cumulative decline in the standard of living.

Third: China continues to present a unique model of tremendous growth at all levels, which is based in essence on the policy of “import substitution” and the policy of “redistribution of wealth from top to bottom”. These two policies have ensured a steady rise in the standard of living of the greater majority of the Chinese people.

Fourth: The weight of Russia’s international role is rising steadily and constantly, and on the various international arenas. This is accompanied by an increase in the level of internal key decision points of deep change, which are related primarily to the redistribution of wealth from top to bottom, a threshold without which Russia will not be able to protect itself primarily, and then continue to play its global role.

Fifth: At the regional levels, massive disassembling and assembling of the various types of alliances that prevailed previously are taking place. In general, the West is losing its ability to impose its choices on regional countries, and the gates of relative independence for those countries are becoming wide open to making choices more commensurate with their interests, and within more equal external relations.

Sixth: The global popular movement, which has performed only its first chapter on the stage of history, during which it was manipulated, has learned and paid a lot during the past decade, and it is preparing for the next chapter, the vigorous arrangement of the platform of which we are now witnessing, and it will not be too long before we see the lighting and the unveiling of which.

At the level of the Arab regimes, all of which belong to the ancient world, especially the normalizers, we see a trend going opposite the movement of history, represented by further immersion in

the quagmire of importing and settling Western crises in the hope of preserving the thrones, and this trend is one of deepening the destructive “chaos” in our region.
At the Syrian level:
• The level of oscillation rises daily with an increase in leaning towards the West and towards the normalizers. In parallel, the “unofficial” work to abandon “yesterday’s” allies is rising.
• We see a welcoming of projects of the type of the “Arab” gas pipeline, in parallel with employing the idea of “Arabism” in a direction completely opposite to its essence that has prevailed since the fifties as an essential tool in fighting Western colonialism.
• While maintaining the low level of political freedoms, we see a gradual and rapid abandonment going towards completing the abolition of any social role of the state, and in fully keeping up with the worst formulas of neoliberalism and of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. We see an inflation of the mafia market and black-market trade, the disappearance of real production processes, and a full human tragedy, with corresponding “ignoring” by those “above” and living as if in an isolated bubble.
Looking at the directions of development between the international and regional situation on the one hand, and the domestic Syrian situation on the other, the clearest conclusion is that the internal situation is going against the direction of historical development. This path did not start yesterday or a year ago, but rather even before 2011, and since at least 2005. The latency difference between the two situations has become quite big, which calls for and requires radical changes in the interest of the overwhelming majority of the people and against the thieves of every shape and color.


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