Kassioun Editorial 1049: Bulldozing Syrians Out of Syria

Kassioun Editorial 1049: Bulldozing Syrians Out of Syria

It is impossible to rely on any statistics for the number of Syrian refugees, whether UN numbers or those of host countries, because on the one hand, the numbers are conflicting, and on the other, there are large numbers of Syrians abroad due to the crisis who have no refugee status.

Whatever the numbers, what is certain is that nearly half of the Syrians who were stably living in Syria are no longer there. If the Syrian crisis is primarily the crisis and suffering of the Syrian people, then bulldozing half of the Syrian people from their country is of such importance that would make it roughly equivalent on a scale to all the other calamities combined.

If we try to put things in a broader historical context, the human bulldozing issue we see now, did not start in 2011, it rather passed through several waves until the migration flood post-2011.

The first waves started since the fifties of the last century, within a Western-Zionist direction and motivation, that facts and documents are now revealing. These waves targeted specific national, religious, and sectarian groups, within a specific vision of the need to prepare Syria and the region in general to coexist with a racist entity founded on the “singleness of religious identity”. This is because the identity of Syria, newly freed from colonialism, as a country rich in diversity and hostile to Western and Zionist projects, had been clearly established since Youssef al-Azma and the Great Syrian Revolution. It turned out that this identity had become part of the genetics since the fifties, when the positions of representatives of laborers and farmers, and representatives of the patriotic bourgeoisie intersected at the time, in an anti-Western alignment close to the Soviet Union (the clearest expressions of these facts are found in the declassified CIA documents of the fifties).

Subsequent waves of this bulldozing came immediately after the first wave, continued until the crisis, and deepened thereafter. By this we mean waves of draining brains and competencies due to the general disparity between the global Western center and the peripheries.

Since 2011 till now, we have witnessed two massive migrations, the first during the military clashing and accompanying scourge of destruction, killing, arrest, kidnapping, and terrorism; and the second, which may be greater than the first and is still ongoing to this day, is the flood of migration under the influence of the tragic economic, social, and political conditions.

The longer the crisis lasts, the more the temporary bulldozing of the population begins to turn into a permanent one. Most Syrians who fled the country to escape a few years ago, whether to escape war, hunger, oppression, or for any other reason, did not think they were staying abroad. However, the passing of year after year, while they are in another country and living another life, began to instill ideas of not returning or postponing it indefinitely, especially for those with competencies who naturally more easily than others find what secures for them stability.

Thus, understanding the sanctions policy, policies of lifting subsidies and major systemic corruption, and policies of restricting and depressing people, as well as working to prolong the crisis, is not complete without understanding the population issue in particular, and without understanding its deep connection with the American and Zionist needs to rearrange the region based on eroding Syria’s patriotic position and its unity, primarily through the bulldozing of its inhabitants, and by sabotaging their patriotic genes.

Preserving those still in the country and enabling those abroad to return as soon as possible, has become a key prerequisite for preserving the country itself, and consequently it has become the criterion for a patriotic stance, away from the plethora of slander and hypocrisy that we hear on the issue.

Achieving this now goes through immediately stopping the socioeconomic collapse, which is only possible through a comprehensive change of the structure decayed by corruption and authoritarianism, change that can only be achieved through a comprehensive political solution through the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 with all its provisions.


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