2254 … Also for Lebanon!

2254 … Also for Lebanon!

Whether the Beirut tragedy was an accidental explosion or a planned bombing, the following is obvious:

First: The existing political system in Lebanon, which is based on non-productive economic activity and on quotas, corruption and subordination to the West, and which was generated by a previous international balance represented at the time by Al-Taif Agreement, is no longer valid, and is no longer capable of ensuring the continuity of the Lebanese state.

Second: The internal political exploitation of the tragedy, which is trying to be led by forces from within the same system itself, revolves around pushing matters towards one of two possibilities; either a recombination of the system itself on the basis of new balances in favor of the forces most connected and dependent on the West, or pushing the system to the explosion wishing to reach such a recombination.

Third: The objective development of the popular movement in Lebanon will not stop. Rather, it will grow and be more organized, but this matter will take its time. Meanwhile, sane and objective frameworks, forms, and propositions should be found that allow the movement to develop and organize, and prevent its transformation into a tool exploited by the forces of sabotage.

Fourth: Attempts at foreign political exploitation of the issue, represented by the frantic US intervention (and the French here are not much more than a façade for the American), revolve around a set of clear goals: (1) Converting the explosion into an additional tool in Caesar's sanctions. (2) Transforming Lebanon as a whole into a tool for influence in the Syrian situation, after the capabilities of American sabotage in Syria gradually diminished, starting with the direct Russian entry in September 2015, and then the issuance of UNSCR Resolution 2254, and then the Astana path. (3) Turning the explosion into a tool in the "Deal of the Century" required to secure the Zionist entity in the next stage in which the American will be forced to withdraw completely from the region.

What should be clear and should not be omitted from a general reading of the scene are the following facts:

First: The 2020 explosion/bombing will not be able to repeat the experience of February 14, 2005 and the subsequent Cedar "revolution". We are facing a new international balance that will not allow the repetition of Western mockery.

Second: Although the picture appears dark to many viewers, and although the possibilities of the coming chaos seem high, what is certain, however, is that the bright part of the general picture is much greater than the dark one. The destructive movements of the forces of the old world, led by the United States, comes under attempts to race against time in confronting political solutions and confronting stability in the region. Therefore, the effects of American sabotage will remain encircled by the limits of the actual US power, which is rapidly declining power.

Third: Establishing stability in Syria through the immediate and full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, is no longer only a Syrian demand and need, but has become a need for all the peoples of the region, because establishing stability in Syria has become the primary entry point for stabilizing the entire region. Therefore, one of the major national and humanitarian tasks entrusted to the Syrian patriots, not only towards Syria and the Syrians, but also towards the Lebanese brothers and the peoples of the region in general, is to intensify their efforts to reach the solution in Syria, as soon as possible!


Kassioun Editorial, Issue no. 977, August 10, 2020