Comprehending the Meaning of Extremism!

Comprehending the Meaning of Extremism!

Extremism in the public political field can be simply defined as being detached from reality, manifested by insisting on raising unattainable slogans. The extremists, over time, reach a satisfactory and chronic state of denial. We can see this in the Syrian case with an endless number of examples and it does not stop at the limits of “settling matters” (as in the regime settling things militarily) and “toppling” (as in toppling the regime).

Extremism in the Syrian case requires one another and serves one another. In other words, extremism of each side separately, cannot continue and find support among the people without opposite extremism to justify it. These words remain detached and unclear, unless the social and political roots of extremism are highlighted.

As for the social aspect, it lies within a small minority that does not exceed 5% of Syrians, that is the plundering and arrogant minority on both sides, which sees the continuation and deepening of the crisis as the only way to continue looting and to escape from the inevitable fate imposed by the process of change through a political solution and full implementation of UNSCR 2254.

As for the political aspect, it is the deep link between the extremists on both sides, and the West, which is manifested in one side through insisting on brutal liberalization and working on economic brokering for the benefit of the West, including by taking advantage of Western sanctions to expand the margins of plundering. Meanwhile, it is manifested in the other side through blatant political submission to the West and its policies, as part of continuously applauding its crimes against Syrians through the same sanctions and other policies.

The political submission to the West does not appear among a single group of the extremists; rather, they are in agreement thereon, between those who do it openly, and those who do it under the table by various means, most notably the attack on the Astana track and Russia in particular.

Extremists on both sides, based on the agreement of their social and political roots, ultimately objectively stand in the same trench: the US and Western trench. In the other trench stands 95% of Syrians, backed by a new international balance with a strategic interest in Syria’s stability and an end to its crisis, and therefore with a deep interest in allowing the Syrian people to decide their own destiny and get out from under the burden of the big corrupt forces and Western-affiliated brokers on both sides.

Since the actual way out from the Syrian crisis, and for many years, had not yet become clear, the extremists pursued their flashy games, claiming their hostility to each other, and were able to convince wide segments of the 95% of Syrians of that. However, in the last two years in particular, and more so in recent months, and as a result of the ripening of the international, regional, and local conditions to get out of the crisis, the extremists’ playing has become sloppier and more exposed, and understanding thereof by the Syrian public has become easier and more comprehensible. This understanding has become a reality for the majority of Syrians, regardless of their temporary alignments or affiliations.

Turbulent developments, interspersed with ridiculous and hysterical sabotage attempts by extremists, prove that the solution to the Syrian crisis is impossible without permanently dismissing from Syrian political life extremists from both sides, the door for the achievement of which will be opened widely by the full implementation of UNSCR 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 963, April 27, 2020