Who is Obstructing the Political Solution and How?

Who is Obstructing the Political Solution and How?

Usually, attempts to sabotage and escalate intensify with every step accomplished towards the political solution; this is always understandable and expected, and employed by those – from all sides – who have no interest in a solution.

What is new these days is the overlap of two issues at the same time. The first is that the level of “required” sabotage is unprecedented in its magnitude and ferocity. Since “logically” the ferocity of sabotage must be commensurate with the magnitude of importance of the new step towards a political solution, one can only imagine the level of said ferocity as the country approaches a step, not just a new one, but a decisive one towards the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. The second issue is that the saboteurs’ ability to sabotage, while still exists, has now become much weaker than previously.

This contradiction, i.e. the need for higher levels of sabotage with a reduced ability to do so, is now pushing towards an increasing exposure of the coordination – which might be intentional or unintentional – between the extremists on both Syrian sides, and even intersecting with the hopes and practices of the historical enemies of the Syrian people.

At the top of the list of actions that aim for escalation and tension, are those of the pair: the great internal corruption forces combined and in solidarity with Western sanctions, particularly US sanctions. These actions and practices prey on the Syrian people through the basic needs for their lives and livelihood, including bread, electricity, basic supplies, fuel, etc., and through multiple “smart” methods; all of this is making an overwhelming majority of Syrians seethe, and consequences thereof are difficult to predict.

Likewise, the same goes with the continued US push to whitewash al-Nusra and postpone its inevitable fate that was agreed upon in Sochi. The latest feature of these miserable attempts is relying on the coronavirus, whether by the opening of a “commercial crossing” controlled by al-Nusra, or by the legitimization of the “al-Nusra government as a civilic entity with no alternative but to cooperating therewith” to tackle the virus.

In the northeast, too, the US is pushing for, in the context of the alleged confrontation of the coronavirus, a policy of “national distancing” between the northeast and the rest of the country, as an alternative to the social distancing that has not even been applied in the US itself!

In the south, as well, kidnapping gangs have been active lately, hoping to cause a fissure among the people of the same country, in parallel with the extremely blatant and clear incitement by the Zionist entity.

All these practices, and despite the tragic consequences they have left on all Syrians, who are already exhausted and tired, reflect, on the other hand, the approaching end of the long trail of pain that the Syrian people have traversed.

Furthermore, these practices, while exposing the true alignment of hardliners on all sides, along with Syria’s and the Syrian people’s enemies, they widely open the door for the true patriots, also from all sides, to stand together. Moreover, said practices restore the foundations for building the Syrian national identity, foremost of which was the evacuation of the French occupier in 1946 through the struggles of Syrians throughout the country, with the wisdom, altruism, and solidity of the first revolutionaries, and with the help of the international balance of power formed during and after the Second World War.

The task of completing the building of the national identity with its various dimensions – political, economic, cultural, legal, and democratic – is today’s task, for which the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 will constitute an entrance for the patriots among Syrians.