It Is 2254 Syrian Time, Right Now!

It Is 2254 Syrian Time, Right Now!

Since the moment of its issuance in late 2015, the UNSC Resolution 2254 has represented a condensed expression of two fundamental issues. The first is the new international balance of power by which the global US-Western bullying is over, which consequently means the end of the era characterized by imposition of the forms of governance and economy on independent states from outside, whether this was used to be done through direct traditional colonialism, various forms of neo-colonialism, or through variant and complex combinations of both.

The second fundamental issue, which is derived from the first one, is that UNSCR 2254 opens the door to produce a new model that will be decided by the people concerned and for their interest, i.e. by the hands of the Syrian people and for their interest, and not on the basis of agreements and quotas struck as bargains between international elites on the one hand and some dependent local elites on the other, as it was the case in dealing with various crises during the second half of the twentieth century.

If the late 2015 witnessed the birth of the Resolution 2254 on paper, then its actual birth on the ground, had remained pending for years until the completion of the new international balance necessary to implement it.

In light of the overlapping global crises – economic, political, health, and human crises. In a word, the comprehensive civilizational crisis – and despite the fact that the Coronavirus crisis is the most visible on the surface, at least in the media sense, and despite its accompanying public feeling that the entire planet is living a time-out, as if all matters are pending until further notice, the reality of things however, in the depth and not just on the surface, is a radically different reality; the world is experiencing the fastest stages of its historical activity in transforming from the old to the new, and so is the matter regarding the Syrian situation.

To prove this, just take a look on the catastrophic and accelerating decay of the Western model in its various dimensions, not only economically, but also in the political, humanitarian, and even cultural, intellectual and ideological dimensions.

The Coronavirus crisis has nothing to show in Syria but an additional proof that the continuing failure to resolve the Syrian crisis, that is, the continuation of the existing structures belonging to the ancient world, is no longer possible. It is no longer possible for the existing structures to continue. It is especially no longer possible for the extremists from all sides – who have tightened their grip, to the point of suffocation, around the behavior of those structures during the past years – to bring anything to the Syrian people but more ruin, destruction, pain and major existential risks.

In other words, the international and the internal circumstances, amidst the turmoil of the current global crisis, have matured to implement the UNSCR resolution 2254. The circumstances are matured to implement this Resolution in its essence, i.e. to activate the right of the Syrian people to self-determination, and to implement it with its full provisions and details, which can be summarized in three basic points:  Transitional Governing Body, constitution, and elections.

Humanity's dream of living with dignity, happiness and peace, which remains pending until now, as well as the Syrian dream, which is essentially identical to the universal dream of humanity, is now close to becoming a reality. The comprehensive civilizational transition that the entire world is experiencing will not leave Syria behind. Moreover, and by virtue of the degree of international intertwining in Syria itself, the Syrian model in achieving the humanity's dream is likely to be among the first to be realized in the entire world.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 961, April 13, 2020

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