Humanity's Dream and the Syrian Dream

Humanity's Dream and the Syrian Dream

The current global crisis continues to deepen, escalate, and become broader in its various dimensions – humanitarian, environmental, economic, and social. It is a crisis of a very specific and unique type, one that can change the course of history qualitatively, radically, and revolutionarily.

The anticipation of the crisis, in its economic dimension and the approximate date of its eruption, based on the Marxist-Leninist science, was not an impossibility, even twenty years ago; in this context, it is possible to refer to the documents of the National Committee for the Unity of the Syrian Communists (later became the People’s Will Party). The same applies, to some extent, to anticipating the crisis in its environmental and social dimensions.

What could not have been predicted was the cruel punishment that nature inflicts on humanity in general, through COVID-19 and other disasters, as a punishment for the vices of the global system that is based on profit, greed, and brutality against the environment and its resources.

This punishment came at a deadly time, concurrent with the all-encompassing economic crisis of the capitalist system. This synchronization has generated a state of maximum resonance that exposed the system's flaws, brutality, backwardness, and irreparable defects. It has become impossible to overcome the crisis without radical changes that abolish the very foundations of this system.

Any crisis is a catastrophe and an opportunity at the same time, thus the deeper the crisis the more defined the catastrophe’s horror and the opportunity’s size. The crisis that humanity is currently experiencing is a comprehensive crisis of civilization with various overlapping catastrophes, hence the opportunity it offers is also a comprehensive civilizational one that opens the door to realizing humanity’s old dream of living with dignity and peace in a war-free world, in which there is solidarity and comradery among the peoples, where they do not only sympathize with each other, but also work together and consolidate their scientific and technical efforts and development in order to achieve material and spiritual well-being for humans.

The Syrian dream is also part of the overall humanity dream; a Syrian person still dreams of the ability to secure decent housing, a decent living, a decent job, and a safe, peaceful and free life. The dream remains unfulfilled, but in this catastrophe-opportunity it is no longer out of reach.

The accumulated catastrophe which is affecting Syrians in their homes, shelters, and places of expatriation, is also part of the general catastrophe caused by the crisis-ridden and historically expired structures – both at home and abroad – which have proven that their “immunity” against all types of ailments – weather health-related, economic, environmental, humanitarian, or social – is actually very low, to the extent of total inability to provide solutions to any emerging problems, not to mention the massive accumulated unresolved problems.

The tangible path to the Syrian dream in its international dimension, is what we are currently witnessing of annihilation of the US-Western unipolarity; while in its internal dimension, it is the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

Continuing the struggle to lift Western sanctions and restore Syrians’ sovereignty over their entire territories, as well as continuing the struggle to achieve the comprehensive political solution that opens the door to radical, comprehensive, deep, and patriotic change, is the part that Syrians should spare no effort in attaining, to realize our dreams and the dreams of humanity that have now become achievable!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 960, April 6, 2020

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