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Behind the Ambiguity of Lifting Subsidies; Reducing the Wages of Millions of Syrians

The repercussions of the government resolution to lift subsidies for specific strata of the Syrian people had not yet been stabilized, while indications began to increase about the whole process being nothing more than a first step towards completely lifting governmental subsidies. It happened very quickly in way that threatens the life of millions of Syrians with further deterioration and bad conditions.

Vegetable Oil Import Data refute the Pretexts of the “Government of Raising Prices”

The Ministry of Internal Trade and Costumer Protection has set the price per liter for sunflower’s seed oil through the “smart card” at 7200 SP, and with only one bottle per month per family. This has become a valid resolution to be applied starting from Saturday, November 06, 2021, and it has been rightly criticized by both citizens and experts (even in official newspapers) that this price is much higher than global prices and it has an exorbitant profit margin. In the following article, we try to calculate the profit rates of vegetable “frying oil” in two methods (or two scenarios) giving the fact that there are no enough official revelations regarding the data of import to Syria so that data to be sufficient for accurate calculation, so we can only resort to global publications and current statements. However, bot the most optimistic and most pessimistic calculations refer to profit rates that can only be described as full-fledged plunder, as through various methods we have found that the profit rate is no less than 100% and may reach 746%.