“Resonance” and a Looming Collapse
Mohannad Dlykan Mohannad Dlykan

“Resonance” and a Looming Collapse

Resonance is defined as a physical phenomenon that occurs when the frequency of an external act or effect (including an external field) is in harmony with the natural frequency of the object under the effect.

We can see many examples of resonance in mechanics – the most well-known incident that is said to be a living representation of this phenomenon is the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940, although there are other opinions on the explanation for its collapse. What is certain is that the phenomenon in its mechanical level has many practical applications, including, for example, those related to different musical instruments, especially string instruments.

In electricity, we can also find applications and examples of this phenomenon, the most well-known of which is when the absolute value of inductive impedance is equal to capacitive impedance, for a capacitor and a coil, which results in one of them eliminating the impedance of the other, which allows the zeroing of the potential difference and maximizing the intensity of the electrical current to the maximum, which in the event that there are no other impedances in the circuit, it can cause the circuit to burn by shortening it.

The explanation of the phenomenon is that the harmony between the frequency of the influencer and influenced leads to the superposition of their waves to produce a maximum value, which can be beneficial or destructive – it can also be beneficial and destructive at the same time, if we look at it in a dialectical manner, and that is what we need to do in dealing with the subject of this article.

Between Disassembly and Synthesis

Starting from the less complex sciences to better understand the more complex ones is certainly not the right way; for example, social phenomena cannot be explained using chemistry or physics. Nevertheless, the less complex sciences are indispensable tools for understanding the more complex sciences. We cannot, for example, dispense with mathematics, physics, or chemistry in studying any biological or even social phenomenon.

However, it is really interesting, and perhaps useful, to use the laws and phenomena of less complex sciences as a tool in presenting our understanding of the more complex sciences. Moreover, according to Engels, science does not transform into science in a mature sense “before it expresses itself in the language of mathematics.”

The Coronavirus + Oil Prices =?

Based on aforementioned, we claim that it is possible to liken the current global situation, under the influence of the overlapping of the Coronavirus and oil price crises, to a resonance situation that will ultimately lead to the collapse of the existing world order.

Let us look the two crises separately and see what the existing world order can do with them, starting from its tools and its capitalist system.

The Coronavirus necessitates halting the production movement for several months in order to control the spread of the disease and allow health institutions within their existing capabilities to contain it until a treatment appears, which will not be ready for several months, and perhaps a year.

The Coronavirus also requires higher social spending that falls primarily on governments – and on corporations as much as governments can obligate them to: in China, the government obligated corporations not only to give vacations to their workers, but paid vacations.

On the other hand, there is the oil price crisis. It is immeasurably greater in its effects and consequences than the Coronavirus crisis. (We believe that an important part of exaggerating the state of panic due to the Coronavirus, and trying to link the existing economic crisis to it alone, aims – among other things – to divert attention from the oil crisis; so much that the all the Western media is in agreement by describing the collapse of the stock exchange as “the collapse of stock exchanges resulting from the Coronavirus”).

Just 48 hours after Wall Street collapsed, the Fed pumped nearly $2.2 trillion, in an effort to remedy the crisis. This amount is greater than the sum of the financial pumping operations, or the so-called quantitative easing that the Fed undertook in the 2007-2009 crisis. Nevertheless, it was to no avail; it has become like attempting to perform cardioversion to a stopped heart with high electrical tension levels. However, from the results, it seems like it has flatlined and it is over.

Superimposition of the Two Waves

The Coronavirus needs more spending, and the oil crisis needs more spending “at least from the point of view of the limited tools that the system possesses.” The war of oil prices and the collapse of stock exchanges are pushing the market and production towards a large recession, and the US Federal Reserve had the boldness to formally announce that the world has entered recession. The Coronavirus, too, is pushing the market and production toward a near-complete stop.

Pumping dollars into the stock market and reducing the interest rate to zero, usually aims at stimulating the market and production. However, this has become dubious in its ability to solve the problem even if we assume that the Coronavirus does not exist. The Fed cutting the interest rate to zero this time, although it is formally a repeated measure, but now it is occurring as an inevitable result of the historical increase of the decline in the rate of profit over the lifespan of capitalism, since its first signs in the 14th century (For more details on this point, see the article “Interest Rate”: Capitalism’s Achilles Heel!). That is, the zeroing of interest is, more or less, the unavoidable fate, and the Fed’s announcement thereof is nothing more than compulsory recognition of that fate.

Thus, the Coronavirus is pushing towards decreasing production and the oil price crisis is pushing towards decreasing production; the Coronavirus requires more spending and the oil crisis requires more spending. The two waves are superimposed and have coincided at their peaks, to produce together a more intense peak, which in return produces resonance that has a thunderbolt effect, and is abundant to make bridges, buildings, and an entire system collapse.

(A chart by economic researcher Dorothy Newfield, showing the historical decline in the interest rate over 700 years)

An Act by Someone!

Tom Luongo, a journalist, in an article of his titled “Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell on the US”, uses a quirky analogy with regards to choosing the moment of launching the oil war, where he compares it to a judo player choosing a suitable moment during his opponent’s rush in the attack, in order to take advantage of that same rush to throw him to the ground. On the March 6, at a meeting of OPEC+ (meaning OPEC in addition to Russia), Russia said “No” to reducing its oil production. In what appeared to be a response from Saudi Arabia, the latter decided to announce an increase in its production rather than a reduction. These two things together have led to the collapse of oil prices below $20 a barrel, which is far below the cost of shale oil production in the United States. All this led to the collapse of the stock exchanges, which was before Trump, Johnson, Merkel, or other leaders declared a state of emergency. In fact, at that time, Trump was still advising washing hands well as an adequate and effective solution for the Coronavirus.

We go a little further and say: The opponent’s attack came precisely through the spread of the Coronavirus and stopping that attack and turn it into a destructive force for the US, and for the dollar system as a whole, is the inauguration of the oil war on March 6. After that, the western fear-sowing process from the Coronavirus, in parallel with not taking any serious action to confront it, has become a tool to delay the manifestation of the results of the oil war, and in particular to delay its appearance through public reactions to bankruptcy, closure of institutions, and abandoning people into the streets.


Does this appear to belong to the so-called “conspiracy theory”? Yes, it does!

A Conspiracy?

We have no desire to cling to the conspiracy banter, but it would be foolish to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to what is happening around us so that we do not “fall” into the chains of conspiracy thinking. Before presenting some facts, it is necessary to add something about the conspiracy: the “official story” is the only one permitted, and everything besides it is conspiratorial thinking; is that a coincidence? We do not think so.

On March 9th and 15th, the Italian geopolitician and geographer Manlio Dinucci published two articles in “Il Manifesto”, and the English translation thereof was published on the Voltaire Net and the Center for Research on Globalization website. (Kassioun translated the two articles on its website under the title: “Vaccinated Invaders? Thirty Thousand American Soldiers to Europe without Masks!”).

Dinucci reveals that the US has brought 20 thousand US soldiers to Europe this month, to join the 10 thousand already there, and another seven thousand from the other NATO members, to participate in the “Defender Europe 20” exercises.

We quote from the author’s article the following: “in Bavaria, where the first European outbreak of Coronavirus was noted, US soldiers just off the plane shook hands with German authorities and kissed the comrades without any masks. Spontaneous question – could they already be vaccinated against the Coronavirus?”

What also raises question is the scandal of the faulty detection mechanism that has been in use for over a week in the US, which China had criticized from the start. After about a week, the US authorities announced that the examination being used proved to be a failure, and a number of those who were considered healthy based on the examination, were proven to be infected, and by continuing their normal lives after the examination they spread the virus that escaped and is now released and spreading in all the US states.

Likewise, questions arose regarding the procedures that were not implemented at airports and border crossings until it was too late, and this includes Britain, France, and others. In the US, for example, the criterion for testing was that only those coming from China have to be tested. This criterion remained in effect even after things exploded in Iran and Italy, and it was abandoned only a few days ago.

Does the question not trigger the strange contradiction in Johnson’s famous speech in which he “preached” to the British that many families would lose loved ones? In the same speech, Johnson said that he will not make a decision to close schools now.

Although every person who has a brain in their head, now looks forward to the Chinese model, the Chinese instructions on the disease, the mechanisms of the spreading thereof, and the mechanisms for dealing with it, as the most successful model, and indeed the one that must be followed; despite this, the majority of Western health ministers still to this moment underestimate the use of masks as one of the indispensable means against the spreading to the epidemic.

If a person tries to sum up all the contradictions in Western behavior toward the Coronavirus, they may be able to produce volumes. After all this, and more, we have to believe the official story – the official story here means exactly what the West says – and we must above all disparage any other proposition and call it a conspiracy.

Three-Dimensional Resonance

The nonchalant Western formal behavior towards Coronavirus indicates a lack of capacity and perhaps absence of a desire to respond effectively to the epidemic. We must not forget that for decades, under the neoliberalism that stripped the state of its social role, Western governments were no longer able to play the role of the controller and the primary decision-maker, and the whole thing was in the hands of major corporations. Moreover, Western governments as a whole have become an informal spokesperson for the interests of these corporations. But why are these corporations not dealing seriously with the Coronavirus?

Ending the Coronavirus crisis at this time will not allow revitalization of the Western production wheel, because that wheel has become impaired not only because of the Coronavirus alone nor because of oil prices alone, but also due to a deeper reason than these two: the decrease in the rate of profit with the increase in complexity of the organic composition of capital, which has reached its final limit: Zero.

In this sense, the Coronavirus and oil prices waves have become one wave with a maximum value, which superimpose the natural frequency of the capitalist phenomenon, which has also reached, simultaneously, the peak of its crisis, with the rate of profit reaching zero.

The resonance experienced by the existing world order means reducing its resistance to the minimum levels in facing the accumulated human anger current, which before long will generate maximum energy in that world order’s circuit.

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