Press Release by Moscow Platform

Press Release by Moscow Platform

The Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) concluded its regular meeting in Riyadh on Tuesday, June 18, followed by a press conference of its president, Mr. Nasr Al-Hariri, and then issued a press release on its work and positions. Although, it is known to every Syrian observer, that the behavior of the SNC and its issued positions, and in particular the positions of its president, do not represent in any way the vision and positions of the Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition – it is necessary, however, to emphasize a set of key points:

First, the way in which Mr. Nasr and his extremist allies within the SNC present the Sochi Agreement on Idlib is the same as the US way; that is, as a mere cease-fire agreement, including a cease-fire towards Al-Nusra Front that now controls the vast majority of the area covered by the agreement, in complete contradiction with the content of the agreement itself, which stressed the continuation of the fight against terrorism until its termination. It is understood in this context that the survival of Al-Nusra Front represents, for extremists on both sides, an existential demand that shuts the specter of a political solution, for the latter means loss of privileges and gains being collected and looted at the expense of the continuation of the Syrians' disaster.

Second, the extremists did not hesitate to accuse the regime and the PYD (Democratic Union Party) of responsibility for the wheat fires on the Syrian island, although we do not exempt anyone of the responsibilities, but the exemption of responsibility of the main controller of the fire zone, that is, the US side, despite the many indicators of the US involvement in these fires, directly or indirectly, in addition to the existence of a great motivation of the US to commit them – such an exemption is a continuation of the US policy, acting on US behalf and in its favor, including deepening the contradictions among the Syrians and making it difficult to reach a solution.

Thirdly, the extremists of the SNC are sharpening their hostile stance not only toward Iran but also toward Russia. They consider that the political solution should be carried out without Iran on the one hand, and by forcing Russia and its allies an bringing them to their knees, on the other hand. They even go to the claim that the SNC rejected an invitation from the Russians to meet with them. In other words, the political goal of Mr. Nasr AL-Hariri and his allies is that the solution be exclusively sponsored by the Americans and their allies in the region and in Syria. In the same context, he shows his declaration of "halt to the political process". The degree of irrationality and irresponsibility in these propositions, by saying of a solution which includes forcing of Russian and Iran against their wills, or even without them altogether, which are ridiculous suggestions even for the simplest of people, points to the extent of the bankruptcy suffered by the extremists, who are now setting goals that are more impossible than their earlier goals that they set and were never realized. By doing so, they are, as always, providing mutual service to the other party in a semi-blatant way, and facilitating for the latter to temporarily circumvent the entitlements of the political solution that are increasingly pressing.

The high level of naivety of the political proposals made by the extremists, both in their anti-Astana positions, their positions on the issues of reconstruction, sanctions, refugees and the political file in general, and in particular the nature of the international alignment of forces within the fascist section of the Western camp, openly and publicly – all are indications of the size of the dilemma experienced by the extremists. This also indicates that their isolation and going out from any political process became closer than ever.

Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition