Independence Day on the Threshold of the Third Birth

Independence Day on the Threshold of the Third Birth

Statement by People's Will Party


The Syrian state and the Syrian identity were born in their contemporary form for the first time on the hills of Maysalun by virtue of the martyr Yusuf al-'Azma and his comrades in 1920, and born more deeply and widely again with the victories of the heroes of the Major Syrian Revolution reaching to the evacuation of the last colonialist French soldier on 17 April 1946.

Today, as the Syrian people look back proudly to its history and to the great anniversary of the Evacuation (Independence Day), and although the anniversary comes in the midst of the tragedy that the people now is living in, but the people are determined to make Syria reborn anew, full birth and completely independent, not only at the political level but also at all levels, especially economic, social and cultural.

The same Western alliance that divided the region and re-divided it repeatedly, and tortured the peoples of the regions by all kinds of grievances, and always in cooperation with the mules of Gouraud's cart in their various and historically developing forms along the modern history, that alliance is itself the main responsible for deepening and prolonging the Syrian disaster.

The promised imminent birth is based in depth on the decline and retreat of this abhorrent alliance and the progress of the popular movement at the global level, which will never stop or retreat until it reaches a comprehensive global change.

The Syrian people and its popular movement, transcending every imaginary and ridiculous classification, and which includes the vast majority of Syrians, the exhausted and oppressed ones, will not take so long time to restore their full strength and determination, and with higher levels of organization and awareness than before, so that this people itself will be the midwife for the new rebirth which will start with the full implementation of the UNSCR 2245 which reflects the essence of the new international balance: the right of peoples to self-determination on the basis of their interests, and through deep peaceful comprehensive process.

Long live the great memory of Independence
Long live the great Syrian people
March on forward

Damascus, April 17, 2019