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The World Bank Between the “Arab” Gas Pipeline and the Aswan High Dam

A previous article by the Kassioun Research Unit, entitled: Operation Alpha, Version II, Why “Normalization with the Regime” and Why “Normalization”, dealt with a range of current Syrian issues within the framework of a historical comparison between the American-created Operation Alpha (in which the Brits participated, and which targeted Egypt, to try dragging it towards “peace” with “Israel” in 1955) and what is currently taking place under the name of the “Arab” gas pipeline, and other terms like “changing the regime’s behavior” and “normalization with the regime”.

Operation Alpha, Version II Why “Normalization with the Regime” and Why “Normalization”?

Anyone who is aware of the political dictionary used in Syria, and indeed in most Arab countries as well, knows perfectly well that the word “normalization” is reserved in popular consciousness and memory, and even in the memory of official and unofficial political deliberations, to mean one thing: normalization with “Israel”. It suffices for someone in our region to say they are against normalization, to understand from this to mean that they are against normalization with the Zionist entity.

The “Arab” Gas Pipeline… Governments are Merely Facades!

On the surface, the current version of the so-called “Arab gas pipeline” project is being presented as an agreement among a group of Arab governments: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and with the possibility of plans to include Iraq by way of electricity. However, this is only on the surface, because the scene is completely different for anyone who wants to look deeper.

The “Arab” Gas Pipeline… How Does Jordan Produce its Electricity?

A set of Kassioun articles during the past weeks dealt with the issue of the “Arab” gas pipeline (you can refer to them via the following links 1, 2, 3, and 4). However, these articles did not ponder enough at the other aspect of the same project, which is related to the transmission of electricity from Jordan through Syria to Lebanon.

Pulling Rabbits out of the Magician’s Hat… The “Arab” Pipeline as an Indicator of the Phase’s Nature

In the article entitled “7 Questions Regarding the ‘Arab’ Gas Pipeline”, published on September 8, Kassioun raised a set of questions about the so-called “Arab” gas pipeline, its relationship to US behavior in the region, especially the Caesar’s Act, as well as a number of other questions about the French roles and the nature of the Zionist position on the issue.