Regarding the Alleged “Meeting” of the Negotiations Commission

Regarding the Alleged “Meeting” of the Negotiations Commission

On March 29, The Syrian Coalition of the Syrian Opposition held an internal virtual meeting, which was attended by some of the former independents within the Negotiations Commission as well as some representatives of the "military factions component", some of whom do not hide their explicit affiliation with the Coalition.

The meeting was portrayed as a meeting of the Negotiations Commission, which consists of 6 components, one of which is the Coalition. A statement was issued about the "meeting" on behalf of the media office of the Negotiations Commission. The meeting was led by Mr. Nasr Al-Hariri, whose term has ended in November 2019.

Herewith, we enclose a clarification issued by the Secretary of the Negotiations Commission:


Regarding the statement published under the name of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, with regards to the virtual meeting held on 29/03/2020, the Secretary of the Syrian Negotiations Commission clarifies that this meeting was held with absence of:

Cairo Platform
Moscow Platform
National Coordination Committee
The legitimately-elected Independents

The aforementioned parties disclaim any relation to this meeting, deliberations therein, or outcomes thereof.

Riyadh, March 30, 2020".


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