Kassioun Editorial 1176: “Victory is in Sight!”

Kassioun Editorial 1176: “Victory is in Sight!”

Despite the enormous complexity of the scene and its details, the picture of the conflict that the Palestinian resistance is waging is becoming clearer. Among the complex details of the scene, the following basic aspects can be noted:

  • A qualitative ambush carried out by Hamas leads to capturing new “Israeli” soldiers in the Gaza Strip, with major political and moral implications and indications.
  • A new missile barrage is launched from Gaza and sirens sound in Tel Aviv, eight months after the start of the aggression against Gaza.
  • Armed resistance in the West Bank is escalating in a historically unprecedented way, including the formation of multiple armed brigades, engaging in daily clashes with the occupier and its settlers, and achieving tangible results. There is a broad resistance, and there are attempts to hide it in the media by several sides, which seem to be contradictory on their face, for multiple considerations, something that we will not get into here.
  • There is escalation of the intensity of the confrontation in the occupied Palestinian north with the resistance in southern Lebanon, and a change in the conflict equations led to breaking all previous “Israeli red lines” on a daily basis, with an almost complete inability of the Zionist entity to carry out proportionate responses. This front, just as is the situation in the West Bank, also does not receive its due media and political coverage.
  • Divisions and disagreements continue to deepen within the “Israeli” elite, among the settlers, as well as within the American elite, with absence of any achievable strategy.
  • Growing economic losses within the Zionist entity, and ongoing reverse migration processes, especially among the technical and scientific elite within the Zionist entity.
  • A widespread international popular movement in support of the Palestinian cause, especially among students in Western countries. All direct and soft repression operations against this movement is only making it more widespread and radical.
  • Three European countries – Ireland, Spain, and Norway – recognize the Palestinian state.
  • The International Criminal Court Prosecutor directs the issuance of arrest warrants against the “Israeli” Prime Minister and his Defense Minister.
  • A growing Chinese/Russian role in direct mediation among Palestinian factions and forces.

These as a whole do not form the entire picture, but rather part of its basic components. The preliminary results that can be drawn therefrom are as follows:

First: In the historical sense, the issue of establishing a Palestinian state has become destined to be achieved, and the American and “Israeli” rejection thereof no longer has practical weight. What remains is the struggle over what country this state will be. In this regard, the Americans are trying to push towards establishing a distorted state without sovereignty, independence, and of course without the right of return. This, they will not get, not even partially. However, completing the historic victory requires Palestinian unity and encircling and undermining the various intrusions therein.

Second: The events of the past eight months – the last days in particular – have proven that October 7 was not a historical exception that cannot be repeated, nor was it a shot without a shooter. Rather, it was a qualitative shift that came as a result of historical accumulations at the internal Palestinian level and at the international and regional levels. Moreover, October 7 has become the defining feature of subsequent events, which will not end until their desired final goals are achieved.

Third: It has become clear in practice that victory requires the combination of three elements: the solid political will to resist, especially in waging a long-term battle; the Palestinian popular embrace of it; and the required level of solidarity and support at the regional and international levels, with an appropriate international balance of power. These three factors are present, and therefore the path on which the resistance is walking is, as the late Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm says: “There is no turning back from it, and victory is in sight.”

Finally: With regard to us in Syria, the lesson is clear: Those who rely on the West, its power, its influence, and deals with it, whatever the formal side they belong to, will reap nothing but defeat. The international balance has changed irreversibly, and the path is open to further weakening and retreating for the Americans, the Zionists, and their agents or those wishing to please them to serve their narrow, selfish interests.

In parallel, the path is open in Syria for a comprehensive political solution based on UNSC Resolution 2254 that restores the unity of Syria and its people, and expels foreign powers therefrom, with or without the West’s participation, with the West’s consent or against its will.

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