Kassioun Editorial 1161: Will the Syrian File Move?

Kassioun Editorial 1161: Will the Syrian File Move?

Most those following the Syrian file agree that it is “currently frozen”. When looking for an explanation, what comes up is talk about the “Israeli” aggression in Gaza that has been ongoing for over four months and the accompanying major tensions in the region. Prior to that, the explanation was the earthquake and its consequences, and before that the Ukrainian war and the major contradictions it produced (and, in fact, clarified), and so on.

The common logic among all these explanations is to say that external circumstances, and they alone, are the primary determinant of whether or not the Syrian file will move. This logic fits perfectly with those who opened their sails from the outset, waiting for external winds (specifically westerly) to be responsible for the movement and its direction.

This applies to extremists on both sides. The first side, which has a constant illusion possible reconciliation with the West under the table via “step for step”. The same applies to its opposite in appearance, which still begs for Western support even though it has begun to understand (though has not yet fully) that the West has abandoned it completely, and that it is not a party to the “step for step” project.

External circumstances are, without a doubt, a major player in local equations, but they do not become a decisive factor until we, the Syrians, give up our role and our right to self-determination. The right to self-determination has never been a gift or charity from anyone, but is always snatched back.

Syrians snatching back their right to self-determination requires a political solution that restores the unity of Syria and Syrians and expels foreign forces from Syria. The only way to this end is the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. Within this understanding, political forces (of all categories) should work on two levels:

First: The illusions of “step for step” must be eliminated as soon as possible. In addition to the fact that the West is unable to implement its projects, not only in Syria, but in the entire region, these projects do not guarantee the unity of Syria and Syrians. Rather, quite the opposite, they guarantee the continuation and deepening of the crisis leading to division and quashing any subsequent role for Syria. In parallel, the Syrian opposition must also get rid of the illusions it attaches to the West, particularly Washington, which has proven in every possible way that it is not interested in achieving any stability of any kind in Syria. Quite the opposite, it is relevant to the West and of an interest to it for the comprehensive hybrid chaos in Syria and in the entire region to deepen.

Second: Based on this understand, patriotic Syrians must benefit from the new international and regional balances, but not merely by monitoring them and waiting for their outcomes, as the battle will go on for years, and part of it is deepening the devastation in Syria so it would be impossible for it to rise again. Therefore, the actual benefit will be through activating the right to self-determination by moving to the space of taking initiatives and positive actions, and searching for solutions and formats that will bring Syria and Syrians to the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, and through it to comprehensive, radical change.

Will the Syrian file move? No, not if we continue to wait for the external winds. Their failure to move does not mean that the file should stand still, but rather it means more crisis and devastation. And yes, the file will move right away at the moment patriotic Syrians decide to take the initiative. This because the international and regional circumstance is appropriate now and has been appropriate for years. However, the necessary condition for investing in it is that there be patriotic will that requires making concessions to the Syrian people, some of which are painful, but inevitable. Those concerned with making those concessions will make them in any case in the end, if not for the sake of the Syrian people, then to external powers.

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