Kassioun Editorial 1124: The Upcoming 11th Conference of the People’s Will Party

Kassioun Editorial 1124: The Upcoming 11th Conference of the People’s Will Party

The draft program of the People’s Will Party (PWP) was published for public discussion in the last issue of Kassioun (No. 1123). The program will be presented to the PWP’s 11th Conference, the second one after being registered, and it will be one of the documents discussed by the Conference to be adopted.

Publishing the draft program and making it available to the PWP’s members and friends, and Syrians in general, comes within the framework of the final preparations for holding the Conference soon. These preparations include elections of members of the PWP’s general Conference, in which the PWP’s members and supporters participate. What distinguishes these elections from the historical form in which the elections were held is that they are one-stage elections instead of four-stage elections. In the past, members of the Conference were elected through a series of elections, starting from the partisan base and ascending stage by stage to reach the election of members of the Conference. One of the shortcomings of that was that it opened the door to cause disarray in the representation process in the highest leadership body in the party, i.e., the Conference, and opened the door to working in blocs. On the other hand, directly electing the Conference members by the base strengthens internal democracy in the party as well as prevents the processes of sifting, filtering, and bloc forming that could appear in election forms that go through several stages.

The direct political function of the next Conference is to re-examine, correct, and develop the political line of the party, as well as to tangibly redefine the tasks entrusted to it and its functional role. This needs to be done while seriously pondering the overall major changes that took place in the various arenas between the two conferences. This is in addition to electing the party’s leadership bodies.

Undoubtedly, holding the Conference is several years late. Prior to the crisis, the PWP had held 9 conferences in 10 years; that is, at the rate of nearly one conference a year. However, the outbreak of the crisis, especially in its military phase, deprived the PWP of the ability to hold the Conference, and the main reason was the practical impossibility of holding internal elections for the party in many Syrian regions and governorates, which are the elections that the party used to hold on a large scale in all Syrian governorates, in which thousands participated in the last elections.

The upcoming PWP Conference comes amid the process of the birth of a new world, the features of which at various levels are:

First: The continued retreat of the enemies of Syria and all the peoples of the world, i.e., the Zionist-Western center, on all levels and in all arenas. This is in parallel with the continued rise of a new pattern of international relations based on parity, equality, and comprehensive development.

Second: In the proximate regional arena, the files of the “Abraham Accords” and the “Arab NATO” are being closed, in the interest of the continued escalation of Palestinian resistance, and in the interest of regional settlements among Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran, and against the Zionist interest, and through Chinese and Russian mediation.

Third: The chances of Syria getting out of its deep crisis are strengthened by cooperation, the indicators of which have begun to become clear, between the Astana tripartite and the main Arab countries, mainly Saudi Arabia and Egypt, against the West’s will and desire, and towards the actual implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

Within this scene, the PWP heads towards holding its 11th Conference, and firmly determined to continue the struggle for the interest of Syria and primarily for the interest of its wage earners, and the deep awareness of the magnitude of the difficulties and horrors that stand in the way of reaching the goals. At the same time, confidence and optimism are at their peak, based on the accumulation of correct positions and conclusions that have been proven by reality, whether those before the last Conference or during the Syrian crisis. Some of the main early conclusions is that about the capitalist crisis and the new international balance. As for the positions, one of the main ones is the firm position towards the political solution as the only way out, and steadfastness thereon when it was rare to find anyone expressing such a position, and it was being combatted in many ways.

The PWP proceeds to its Conference relying also on the will of the party and its members to struggle, and above all, relying on the Syrian popular movement that is still dormant and developing, waiting for the inevitably appropriate moment to come.

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