Kassioun Editorial 1110: A Shelling and a Massacre After the Earthquake!

Kassioun Editorial 1110: A Shelling and a Massacre After the Earthquake!

The bodies of hundreds of Syrians are still under the rubble, and tens… possibly hundreds of thousands are still searching for shelter, food, and medicine after their homes collapsed on them and were destroyed. The wound is still bleeding, the shock very much present, and Syrians have not yet recovered from the horror of the devastating catastrophe. Nevertheless, all this did not prevent, and rather motivated the US – as if the whole thing was a complete plan – to shed more Syrian blood through its two most important and brutal tools in the region: The Zionist entity and ISIS.

The latest “Israeli” aggression has resulted in a number martyrs, nearly all of whom are Syrian civilians. This is an unprecedented escalation not only because it resulted in this number of martyrs, but also because for the first time it targets to this extent the heart of the Syrian capital, Damascus. This is in addition to targeting a location in As-Suwayda governorate.

In parallel, the US loosened the reins on its ISIS monster on Friday, February 17, to carry out a horrific massacre of up to 70 Syrian martyrs, who were trying to make a living by collecting truffles in the countryside of Homs.

If we assume the earthquake was the result of natural tectonic shifts, then what is certain is that all the Washington-led activities, since the first moments of the earthquake, are definitely not acts of nature. Rather, they aim to exploit the tragedy to cause major geopolitical shifts that not only prevent reaching a solution in Syria, but also aim to undermine whatever has been achieved over the years through the de-escalation zones.

In addition to the Zionist aggression today and the ISIS attack, US games with regard to “easing sanctions” and the “crossings” (border and crossline), along with the games by portions of the Syrian opposition that suddenly became doves of peace, all contributed to one thing: the well-known American-Zionist plan called “changing the regime’s behavior” or “step for step”. Moreover, the extent of harmony in movements between the extremists (of the Syrian sides) and the West, including the lack of equal and fair consideration of all the affected areas in Syria, indicates that there is a serious effort to make a deal under the table to evade realistic decisive choices, the foremost of which is a political solution in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254.

The main item on the agenda before the earthquake was a Syrian-Turkish settlement, which can be a crucial tool in breaching the American and Western extortion by breaking the blockade and sanctions, in cooperation with the Astana track format along with China, India, and the various rising powers.

After the earthquake, the American-“Israeli” enemy is trying to exploit the circumstance to take this item off the agenda, once and for all, and to replace it with the scenarios of partitioning and the legitimization thereof, particularly by restoring the military coordinates to where they were prior to the de-escalation zones.

All these attempts are doomed to failure, and the golden rule that says “it is easier to anger a colonizer than to please it” is still quite true, and it is more so now than ever before.

Putting a stop to the state of national humiliation that Syrians are experiencing in the face of the West, the Zionists, and the terrorists, and putting an end to the de facto partition, can only be done through a comprehensive political solution based on UNSC Resolution 2254, Astana, and the rising powers, and against the wishes of the US and the West, and despite their sanctions and blockade.

(النسخة العربية)