Kassioun Editorial 1102: End of a Year and Beginning of Another

Kassioun Editorial 1102: End of a Year and Beginning of Another

Another year passes for Syrians in the tunnel of pain, which is so long that its darkness has overwhelmed people’s hearts, to the point where most of them think there will be no relief at the end of the tunnel. The darkness is no longer metaphorical or partial, but rather it has become felt, spreading its blackness over homes, factories, and hearts alike. This blackness is accompanied with cold without heating means, hunger without the ability to stave off its sting and the sting of the prices, oppression without an outlet, and above all the highest degree of arrogant vanity of the “higher people” who live as if in a parallel world.

The continuation and deepening of the crises is an expression of the viciousness of two complementary and interrelated factors, an internal and an external one. The internal factor is the major corruption and its carriers of privatization, lifting subsidies, and policies that goes against the political solution, change, and all the plundered. The external factor is the Western sanctions and blockade, which are intensifying day after day, choking up the general public, and providing more outlets for the “elite” including the black-market and criminal economy in its various forms.

While all the above is a known general description of what is going on, what is deeper and has more influence on what is to come, especially next year, is that 2022 brought with it an important chance within the political framework, though its results are not yet complete. The intended change is not confined to the international and regional levels only, through the ignition of the conflict between the world of American unipolarity and a new world under formation, but also at the Syrian level and at the level of projects arranged for Syria. The suspension of the work of the Constitutional Committee is perhaps the password for this transformation.

The deeper meaning of the suspension of the work of the Constitutional Committee in its current form is that the stage of enforced coexistence between two contradictory international-regional projects has ended. Implicitly, the stage of postponing the final solution – which is in the interest of one of these two projects, i.e. the American-Zionist one – has ended, and the struggle and race have become open, categorical, and clear.

One of the two projects is a derivative of the American unipolarity and its unequal colonial exchange, and all that it requires of sabotage, division, and fragmentation. The second project is that of the new multi-polar world based on equal exchange, and all that it requires of political stability and economic development, especially in infrastructure.

Concretely at the Syrian level, it is the contradiction between the Western “Small Group” and its various projects (including the step-for-step, the Arab Gas Pipeline, and others), and between the Astana Group and its project in fully implementing UNSC Resolution 2254, based on a Syrian-Turkish settlement, which would be an essential entry point for implementation, and a tool in breaking sanctions and siege, and in reducing US influence, until it is expelled.

It is no longer a secret that the West deals with UNSC Resolution 2254 the same way it dealt with the Minsk Agreements, that is as an agreement, the purpose of which is not implementation but rather exhausting opponents and preparing for a major battle with them. We had said that years before Merkel’s latest confessions. As for what some considered a symbol of European independence from the Americans, there is no longer room for argument that the West as a whole does not want a solution in Syria, but rather wants its complete and comprehensive destruction. Only those who are foolish or have a narrow selfish interest that has nothing to do with the interests of the Syrian people, only those can still count on an agreement with the West.

The crossroads after the suspension of the Constitutional Committee means, among other things, that it is objectively the time for a solution. The project that is based on preventing a solution is the Western Zionist project, which relies on the growing destruction in Syria, the displacement of its people, the deepening of brutality of liberal policies therein, and the depletion of everything that is alive.

The project on the opposite side means starting as soon as possible to stop the collapse by implementing UNSC Resolution 2254. This means that the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, leading to a radical and comprehensive change, is no longer only an urgent Syrian need, but also a need for all forces seeking liberation from American hegemony. It is not surprising, then, that the Americans, along with the extremists of the Syrian sides, strive to resist, complicate, and prevent a Syrian-Turkish settlement.

Despite the horrific hardship of the stage we are experiencing as Syrians, the intensity of its darkness is also a good omen that a subsequent relief is near. This requires the plundered to organize their ranks and develop their political and patriotic visions, in preparation for a more organized and powerful wave of popular movement whose features appear in all parts of the country. This requires the patriotic Syrian forces to converge together to push for the implementation of the resolution with the help of the Astana process, and for those who still have delusionary hopes in the West to cut off all hope therein.

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