Kassioun Editorial 1065: Ukraine is Merely a Spark

Kassioun Editorial 1065: Ukraine is Merely a Spark

Since the 2008 crisis erupted, at the time being called the “financial crisis”, it became clear to the “People’s Will Party” that the crisis would not stop and will continue to deepen reaching the main nerve of the capitalist system in its modern form. That is, towards production, then towards the dollar.

The report presented during the 9th National Congress of the Unity of Syrian Communists – later the People’s Will Party, in December 2010, included the following: “The capitalist crisis is deep, escalating, and will open different opportunities for war and widen its spread… it can be the final crisis if the subjective element is available…”.

Since then, despite all that has been repeatedly said about recovery, nevertheless the path is still constant towards more deepening of the capitalist crisis. Whether the issue is COVID or Ukraine, they have one main thing in common, which is that there are efforts to present them as an urgent and temporary issue that is causing a set of crises relating to energy, prices, production, and practically the inflating stagnation, etc. While the reality of the matter is that the crisis itself, the capitalist crisis, is what is going through reactions below the surface of the phenomena, and is growing and swelling on a daily basis.

Within this vision, the Ukraine events merely represent the tip of the iceberg, while its base extends deep:

First: If the battle has started on its face around Ukraine itself, and took a militant form, its full dimensions have started becoming increasingly clearer. These dimensions are far broader than Ukraine and Europe, and extend to four major tasks, the implementation of which is underway, and which we have mentioned in previous Kassioun editorials, and they are: changing the global political system, ending the NATO, ending the dollar as a global currency, and resolving the various regional crises what have been pending for decades by the US’s doing.

Second: the four major issues and tasks are what determine the way and the timetable of the military side of the Ukraine events. It has become clear to the Americans in particular that proceeding with this operation all the way to the end means opening the door to irreversible interactions with regards to the four aforementioned tasks, mainly the dollar issue.

Third: ruble-for-gas is the straw that has started to break the American camel’s back. This has permitted exposing more clearly and practically the historical criminal plundering that the dollar and its owners have done and continue to do all over the world. It, therefore, has opened the door to other various countries to move towards pricing with other currencies and with their domestic currencies to stop the historical blood sucking process that the dollar and its global system have done and continue to do.

Within these coordinates, the Ukraine battle is merely the spark for a larger, wider, and deeper battle. This battle will become increasingly more fierce and wide day-after-day, to take its full shape as a battle over the new international system in its difference dimensions, the main ones of which are the aforementioned four.

Implicitly, comprehending and understanding, and even expecting the timelines of the military side of the Ukraine situation, will not be sound unless it is connected with these goals and horizons. Whether they are achieved will not only govern the outcome of this battle, but also the destiny of international progress for many decades to come.

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