Kassioun Editorial 1031: What Does Liberating the Golan Mean?

Kassioun Editorial 1031: What Does Liberating the Golan Mean?

Although during the past ten years there have been some who sought to exclude the issue of the occupied Syrian Golan from the Syrian crisis scene, the realities during these years and the many preceding decades reaffirm that this issue is fundamental to the Syrian issue as a whole.

The occupation of the Syrian Golan has not been just a continuous attrition of the Syrian state in every way, but was also a founding factor in the nature of the existing political system, leading to the extremists and the big corruptors hiding behind the slogan “No sound is louder than the sound of the battle” to expand the security institutions, weaken the political movement, and expand control over society and the economy, and consequently expand the plundering, and hindering growth and development.

The continuation of the occupation of the Syrian Golan will mean the continuation of the crisis, and its liberation has become an essential part of ending this crisis and establishing stability within the framework of resolutions 2254, 242 and 338.

The objective circumstances, starting with the new international balance and including the regional situation, all indicate that the issue of taking back the occupied Syrian Golan will necessarily be part of the upcoming solution. However, what should be noted is that this taking back should be organically linked to the position regarding the Palestinian issue, that is, also linked to the position from the Zionist project as a whole. This reminds us of the historical lesson that the late Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm summarized in one sentence that is still very true, when he said: “We won Sinai and we lost Egypt”.

The above-mentioned objective conditions and the scenarios they present in this regard, can be intensified by the following points:
First: The American retreat and withdrawal from our region as a whole is a retreat and withdrawal of the entire Western project. As the Zionist entity, since its inception, has been a main representative of this project, it will undergo the same retreat.
Second: Indications of the rising contradiction between Russia and the Zionist entity over Syria have become overt, and have become openly the subject of study by “Israeli” research centers.

Third: Even the contradiction between the US withdrawal trend and the interests of the Zionist entity has become overt and the subject of daily discussions.

Fourth: In this sense, the Zionist will try to sell what it does not own, i.e., sell the Golan to its owners, in exchange for guaranteeing a certain plan for the future Syria, which will be a continuation of the state of attrition that has been going on for decades, so that the future Syria will remain restricted and unable to seriously advance in the various aspects, especially the economic one.

Fifth: If all the scenarios for the Syrian solution intersect in taking back the occupied Syrian Golan, the only real solution is the one that is based on overt settlement and consensus among Syrians themselves based on UNSC Resolution 2254, and not any other type of “arrangements” and “deals”. This is because consensus among Syrians towards building a new national order is the only way to real stability in Syria, and it is also the way to stability in the region as a whole and consequently toward ending the American scheme of chaos in this region with its various tools, which is in line with the interest of the emerging international powers.

What should be clear to everyone is that Syria’s exit from the catastrophe, and proceeding on the path of restoring its unity, the unity of its people, and its sovereignty over its entire territory, and implicitly the exit of all foreign forces therefrom, primarily the Zionists, all of this necessarily goes through demolishing the Western-Zionist project in Syria, not submitting to it. As Kissinger said: “To be America’s enemy can be dangerous, but to be its friend can be fatal!”

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