Kassioun Editorial 1029: 2254 is Bigger than a Power Struggle

Kassioun Editorial 1029: 2254 is Bigger than a Power Struggle

There are still some, governed by a narrow self-interested vision, who view UNSC Resolution 2254 and the political solution in general, as a mere tool for a political struggle for power.

Those who hold this view among the extremists of both sides, do not pay any real attention, in their actual practices and political behavior, to the urgent patriotic and existential issues facing the Syrian people wherever they may be, inside and outside Syria.

The political solution and the full implementation of Resolution 2254 has become the chain link that cohesively and tightly holds together the country and its people, without which they can collapse completely, and the horrific tragedy Syrians are living will turn into a more profound, widespread, and horrific tragedy. This is manifested in the following main points:

First: It has become clear to any reasonable person that there is no realistic way to end the de facto division situation, except through a political solution that restores the unity of the Syrian people away from the vertical divisions the cost of which has been a great amount of Syrian blood and from which the warlords and extremists from all sides, both inside and abroad, have benefited. The extremists who holler loudly that they will acquiesce Syrians and break their will, know, as does everyone, that they are unable to do so, and that the task they set is impossible and will only lead to more destruction and suffering, and that their “war mongering” only serves the interests of those who plan to divide and finish off the country, primarily the Zionists.

Second: It is also known to anyone who is minimally acquainted with recent history, that the US will not immediately and quickly lift its sanctions and blockade, but will maneuver and wait in the hope of achieving political gains, even if political change occurs, whatever the direction of that change. Iraq is one of the most important examples of that. Therefore, confronting the sanctions and blockade requires a political will that stems from the interest of the general Syrian people; this also requires having the courage and interest in building an alternative economic model based on the new international balance, and looking east in practice, not just in talk. All of this is not possible without a political solution and without 2254.
Third: The new socioeconomic model is an absolute necessity, not only to circumvent the sanctions, but also because the

ongoing collapse of Syrians’ situation in the socioeconomic sense lies mainly in the great corruption that controls the infrastructure of the state, insists on its astronomical rates of plundering, and treats the country as a profitable company, without being concerned with the consequences for the future of the country and the people. Eliminating this great corruption necessarily passes through a new model that stems from the interest of the plundered and unleashes their voices that are being silenced by the hands of the extremists within the various sides.

Fourth: Until finishing off whatever still remains of terrorism, and within the complexities of international interventions, although in part it requires military and security tools, its main tool has become the political and socioeconomic tool, and this tool cannot be used without entering into the process of comprehensive radical change through the political solution gateway.

The implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 has become a mandatory entry point not only to stop the Syrian catastrophe, but also to reunify Syria, to restore its sovereignty, to expel foreign forces from it, to restore its active regional anti-Zionist role, and to open the door for Syrians to live in their country that they love (with millions of them deprived of it) a decent and dignified life worthy of this people, its history, and its struggles.

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