Friends and Enemies of the Syrian People

Friends and Enemies of the Syrian People

Among the six conditions he recently announced, James Jeffrey's third condition states the following: Ending hostile acts against neighboring countries.

One does not need to think a lot to know who is meant by "neighboring countries", which on top of them, as Jeffrey himself has repeatedly emphasizes, is the state of Zionist occupation entity, whose annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan was agreed upon by Jeffrey’s president, in violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy, and in opposition of the facts of history and geography, and the interests of the Syrian people.

Nevertheless, it is okay to be reminded not only of the US position on the occupied Syrian Golan, but also of the entire US criminal attitude towards the Syrian people, not the last of which is the Caesar Law, the US position on Al-Nusra Front, and the US policies toward the northeastern Syria, among others positions…

The hostility of the US and its Western allies to the Syrian people is clearer than to be argued about. If some in the opposition are trying to circumvent this fact, whether on the basis of pure betrayal, or on the basis of opportunistic and narrow-minded estimates of international balances, then their counterparts on the other side, who are similarly extremists and corrupt, are no less opportunistic in the way of assessing and describing the enemies and friends of the Syrian people.

Under the disastrous living conditions experienced by the Syrians, we see within the “stock market” of opinions and positions that are being produced and consumed through both electronic and conventional media, an escalation of the mixing of cards to blur the boundary between enemy and friend, in order to mislead the Syrians, and, moreover, to escape from being abided by the entitlements.

Within the above said “stock market”, some voices are rising not only in calling on the friendly countries to provide economic, and especially financial, aid! Rather, they even go to the point of holding those countries responsible for the catastrophic situations, and not without inventing lies about claimed debts that are called for to be paid – lies that are repeatedly recirculated, across day and evening, through the websites.

It must be remembered that one of the friendly countries has facilitated more than once lines of credit towards the Syrian interior, but ended up closing them, not because of some economic difficulties, as they have faced difficulties for decades without the refrain from keeping efforts to establish such lines, but rather because a firm conviction has formed in that state that the aid and lines of credit do not reach, except in a very little amounts, to the people targeted to be the beneficiaries of them, while the mafias of big corruption swallow most of these aids, and do not even refrain from smuggling them through its black financial networks outside the country.

The assistance provided by the friends of the Syrian people has its main wight concentrated on what they did in combating terrorism, and preventing the collapse or division of the Syrian state. All of this has been done within the framework of preparing the appropriate ground for the Syrian people to have their own self-determination on the basis of UNSC resolution 2254.

The delivery of aid to the greater part of the Syrian people, which they urgently need, has also been dependent on achieving a comprehensive fundamental change of the existing political and economic structure, which has two main features: dependency economic linkage with the West (both overt and covert), and the big corruption which is able to waste any amount of inputs of any size.

Those who try to mix cards about the distinction between the enemy and the friend, these days, have only one aim: to use all means, including misleading, to escape the entitlement of change through UNSCR 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue no. 974, July 13, 2020

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