The US Magician and the «Deal of the Century»!

The US Magician and the «Deal of the Century»!

The so-called «Deal of the Century» faces a dead-end, at the same time as the noise of its drums increases, and the show-up leaps of the US magician speed up, hiding in his long hat the rabbits of the wealthy countries, rabbit behind a rabbit!

The «deal» in essence is only an expression of the US attempts to ensure the future of the Zionist foundling, and to ensure some influence of the American itself through foundling; because an ultimate conviction is firmly established in the mind of the US, that its own deep political-economic crisis and the resulting internal division and decline, will not cease to deepen, and that the US as a result of the crisis, and as part of the organization of retreat, must withdraw from the region as a whole.

But the same foundling, the Zionist entity, is markedly embattled by the crises of multiple institutions in it, and because this is the case, he needs a «solution» commensurate with the depth of his crisis and divisions. And a «solution» of this kind can only pass through widespread looting and massive assault on the Palestinian rights, an attack that even those «most moderate» can not accept, let alone the real resisters who humiliated the zionsist occupant a few weeks ago starting from from Gaza... what makes the entity's crisis even more complicated is the fact that the influence that USA is trying to bequeath to him in the region is much loosely bigger that the size and capabilities of the «Israeli», and is much loosely bigger to the point of swallowing him and threatening him in his very existence, which is now being expressed by the research centers of the enemy itself.

However, the clowning show of the «deal» is still going on, and it has passed a few days ago, through the three summits, which did not «succeed» in achieving their goals. They «absolved» of their responsibilities and escaped embarrassment in front of the US by linking the acceptance or rejection of the deal to the Palestinian will, this is a good thing, because that will will not become lenient and will not concede or compromise.

But the same summits focused on the second aspect of the deal itself, contributing to its share of the clowning by stirring up dust by reviewing the «Iranian weapons» to justify the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of arms and taxes that they will pump into the sclerotic arteries of the US economy. They would better had rather save the 137 billion dollars (at least) price of the weapons which they pumped into Syria and which admitted by the former prime minister of Qatar.

The third aspect of the deal, which comes within the same context, as being expressed by the scheduled Bahrain conference this month, in case of being held – this third aspect is transforming the Palestinian issue into a major real estate issue, the purpose of which is to hide more rabbits in the American hat.

The fourth aspect, which is strategic in nature, and which takes into account the great possibility of the failure of the deal, is that the size of the exhaustion and the extensive looting that the oil states will undergo in the coming months, which their regimes are providing so «generously» for maintaining their positions under being blackmailed – this looting, upon reaching certain limits, is bound to open the door to the internal explosion of these countries, such an explosion would mean the extension of the age of creative chaos as the alternative left behind by the United States after its final withdrawal from the region, the withdrawal which will happen in any case, and in the near term.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 915, June 03, 2019