Dismantling of the Mines

Dismantling of the Mines

The atmosphere is rapidly being prepared for a near breakthrough within the political solution process. This is based on the exacerbating US weakness, which leads them to concessions that start undeclared and will not be long before they become fully public.

At the same time, the role played by the obstructionists and extremists on both sides is increasing, thus they are turning into ready-to-detonated mines, which must be dismantled as soon as possible.

One of these obstacles, not the last one, is the behavior of the Head and the members of the SNC (Syrian Negotiation Commission), who miss no opportunity to work against the political solution:

  • From seeking foreign military support during the days of the Battle of Ghouta, and then in the Syrian south, and even short-sighted, if not blind, support and building their political position on the basis of this foreign support.
  • Refusal to attend the Sochi conference and work against it until the last moment, and then the forced acceptance of its results to the subsequent work on its mining, which appeared in connivance with De Mistura to promote the claim that the latter has the right to appoint the third third of the Constitutional Committee and the deliberate abandonment of the right of the opposition to express its opinion and observations thereon .
  • Stand down to the Western Small Group, and surrendering to its proposals, including the (no-papers) that were (before being buried) in a blatant violation of UNSC Resolution 2254.
  • Constant action against Astana in the back hall, which began with the rejection of Sochi, and then moved to the public in recent months, orchestrated accurately on the US rhythm.
  • The literal translation of the same US page on the issues of refugee return, reconstruction and sanctions. In particular, the latter, they are not satisfied with advocating the Western positions, but rather they speculate in their extreme adoption of that positions, as if the spoils gained by the regime's big corrupters due to the system of sanctions are not restricted to the latter ones alone!
  • The poor position in the issues of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, which was nothing more that a "polite" denouncement and did not reach the level of condemnation, not to mention the lack of any serious positions to boycott the US for even one single month, but on the contrary, every US decision of this kind was followed by holding a new meeting a few days thereafter.
  • The almost total reluctance to condemn repeated Zionist attacks on Syria, and in the corridors comes the ISIS-style justification of the kind "let the oppressors collide with the oppressors!".
  • Perhaps this logic of justification is no longer surprising after the final positions on Idlib, where they turned a completely blind eye to Al-Nusra Front and its crimes, and even cheering when it "advances" or "withholds" under the false lie that the cheering is directed to the «free army», in an attempt to protect and cover Al-Nusra Front, following in so doing, the same position of the most aggressive fascism of USA and Zionism, which represents a characteristic political terrorism, standing in the same ditch with Al-Nusra Front and ISIS.

The removal and dismantling of the mines that obstruct the way of the solution, and which are deployed on both sides, has become an urgent and mature task in the foreseeable future, which is a relentlessly indispensable matter in the context of completing the preparation of the atmosphere to begin the actual implementation of UNSCR 2254, which its implementation is becoming closer and more mature than ever before.


Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 914, May 27, 2019