«Make the Change Real»

«Make the Change Real»

French protests have entered their fifth week in a row, and despite the large media fraud of the real numbers of protesters, their numbers are still in the range of tens of thousands, and despite the partial concessions made by the French government, the movement is still continuing...

This movement has proved, through its continuity, that it is not limited temporally, and by its propagation, in varying degrees, to several other countries, it proved that it is also not spatially limited. This reaffirms what we have said in the editorial of the previous issue of Kassioun, that "The spectre, who haunted Europe in the middle of the nineteenth century has returned, not to Europe alone but to the whole world!".

The commonality of all the popular movements that took place during the second decade of the present century is that they have started spontaneously, without political leadership, especially without leaders from the old political space. Although the movement in many areas has been temporarily and partly hijacked to lesser or greater extent, for reasons related to its degree of maturity (being away from the field of action for about half a century), in addition to the various regional and international complexities, this does not negate a basic fact that is proved by the reality of the movement, on a global level, and on a daily basis: the movement is continuous and spatially extending, and does not stop developing...

The basis for the continuity of the movement is that it has not yet achieved the change for which the movement has been launched, the change that will necessarily pass through the gradual concentration of the movement around its real framework: First, the program of change. Second, the forces of change (the new political space).

The concessions made in the French case, or the changes that did not reach the root of the problem, in Tunisia, Egypt and other examples, prove the fact that change must be real: a real change, not a formal change in faces or parties, but a radical reworking of the relationship between three poles: (society, political movement, state).

The experience of past years, and in many countries, has shown that ending any crisis without laying the real foundation for its solution will not only keep it in place but also make it more painful and catastrophic.

Hence, the Syrians have an important opportunity to lay the foundation for a process of real change that can radically end the crisis: the constitutional issue, not as a mere "ink on paper", but as a vision that opens the prospect for new pattern of the relations between the three poles (society, political movement, state), a vision that will open the prospect of a real change that cuts up the roots of the crisis and its deep causes.

The spectre who haunts the entire world continues his haunting, and will not stop until the seeds of radical change is sown, so that he can see them grow and bloom, and we, as Syrian citizens, and in various locations, must make change in our country real, otherwise the catastrophe will never stop.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 892, December 17, 2018