«Democratic Decentralization»: Neither Revolutionary nor Patriotic

«Democratic Decentralization»: Neither Revolutionary nor Patriotic

The Talk about a "democratic" decentralization has come back to the fore again, in the context of what is being promoted as "a new American strategy". There are, among those carrying this banner, not only some Kurdish leaders but also personalities and other Syrian parties, some of them are ancient «Arab nationalist» ones, although the main apparent vehicle of such a proposition, so far, are some Kurdish leaders.

The decentralization which is being talked about and described as "democracy", is certainly not administrative decentralization, but rather nothing more than a miserable attempt to use the positive impact of the word "democracy" to encode and cover the explicit name: partition! This is most clearly evidenced by the statements of one of the Kurdish leaders a few days ago that: "The solution of this complex crisis starts from granting the self-management of northern and eastern Syria, the legal personality by Washington and the whole of the Small Group"!

The "democratic decentralization", and the demand for international recognition of Self-Management as a "legal personality" means that in Syria there would exist instead of one center, several centers, or maybe ten or even more, and this position is contrary to the unity of Syria, the Syrian people, and their sovereignty over their own country, and therefore it is neither a revolutionary nor a patriotic stance, it is a reactionary stance altogether, whatever the forms under which its owners and promoters are covered. It is not superfluous to say that the non-papers of Tillerson and Pompeo, and their emphasis on this proposition, are only additional evidence of the degree of reactionary of this proposition and its hostility to the entire Syrian people: their Kurds, Arabs, and various nationalities and affiliations.

Our rejection of the decentralization which is being talked about, does not in any way mean keeping the powers of the Center unchanged. On the contrary, there should be a significant expansion of the powers of the regions, and a reduction of the powers of the Center, which has long been used to perpetuate the looting, corruption and oppression and to centralize them, in parallel with the marginalization of the largest proportion of the country's area. However, the solution to the crisis of intensive centralization is not to blow up the country's centrality and turn it into a group of "legal persons with international recognition", that is to divide it, but it is one of the issues that will be put on the table of the constitutional discussion within the framework of a comprehensive political solution, in accordance with UNSC resolution 2254, owned, led and agreed upon by the Syrians.

There is also a talk about an imaginary form of resolving the refugee crisis, along with the talk on a risk of a Turkish occupation of eastern Euphrates, and these are being raised as a blackmail to reach the achievement of "the program" and, of course, by relying on US and Gulf promises. In fact, the program of the sponsors has nothing to do with the imaginary programs of the Syrian extremists: the program of the sponsors has been and continues to be the program of "creative chaos"...
In the context of serving the same project, we hear claims for Mr. De Mistura to state in his final briefing that the regime is the party that is obstructing the Constitutional Committee and the political process as a whole, and we do not know what benefit is wished from that! It is rather one of the expressions of the persistence of the opposition extremists and their counterparts from the regime's extremists, in dealing with Geneva as a platform for provocative media frenzy within the framework of acting a show of "serious action towards a political solution" pending the final elimination of the other side by the "allies", letting the disaster, in the meanwhile time, to extend as much as the fate wants it to extend! Doubtlessly, by doing so, they are obstructing the end of the disaster, but they are just obstructing and will not be able to stop the coming solution, in which the Syrian people will never forget the road of pains those extremists have pushed them to pass through.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 887, November 12, 2018

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