Is Europe the Main Goal behind the Anglo-Saxon Aggression on Yemen?

Is Europe the Main Goal behind the Anglo-Saxon Aggression on Yemen?

The US, along with the UK, are launching a military aggression against Yemen. The stated goal is to “protect navigation in the Red Sea from Houthi attacks”. There are those who say that among the goals is also to reduce pressure on the Zionist entity, especially with regard to its foreign trade, which has been damaged by Yemeni activity in the Red Sea.

Yemeni pro-Palestinian activity in the Red Sea, contrary to American lies, did not pose any threat to international shipping traffic, but rather was limited to navigation that is directly “Israeli” navigation or owned by “Israelis”. The behavior of the major shipping companies, the Chinese ones in particular, indicates that they are convinced of this, which led them to continue their voyages normally and without fear. At the same time, what has disrupted and is disrupting part of their voyages through the Red Sea is the militarization thereof by the Americans, in parallel with Western marine insurance companies, especially British ones, unjustifiably increasing insurance prices. These companies have also reduced insurance for voyages that go around the Cape of Good Hope. All this has reduced the rates of passage through the Red Sea.

The real outcome of the American aggression, and before it the formation of the “Operation Prosperity Guardian” coalition (to which Kassioun Research Unit previously devoted an article (Arabic)), is the disruption of maritime navigation through the Red Sea. Not only the navigation related to the Zionist entity, which is minute compared to the volume of trade through the Red Sea, but also the complete disruption of maritime navigation through the Red Sea. In parallel, there has continued and continues to be a sharp rise in sea freight rates and marine insurance rates. This ultimately means a significant rise in the prices of goods; but which goods? The bulk of trade through the Red Sea is goods coming from East Asia, especially China and India, towards Europe.

Let us recall the Ukrainian crisis, which Washington worked on detonating for a long time, and after its detonation worked and is working to sustain and prolong, and implicate Europe therein, especially through sanctions on Russia and the bombing of gas transmission lines. All of this led to a wave of inflation throughout Europe, a decline in industrial production, and the start of a migration of capital and factories. As an example, the German crisis, which is just beginning to crystallize, with a decline of 4.8% in the volume of industrial production over one year, and with a decline from fifth place internationally to sixth place in gross domestic product in purchasing power parity, to be replaced by Russia, this German crisis is perhaps a concrete example of what is happening in Europe and what the next few years promise.

With the interruption of the supply of cheap energy from Russia to Europe, the latter has become a market for American liquefied gas. We can now extrapolate that artificially raising the costs of transporting goods from East Asia towards Europe would also open up for Americans markets for American goods, other than energy.

Within the major inflationary crisis that the US dollar is experiencing, and with it the ruling of the elite that dominates its issuance, and through it dominates an essential part of international trade, the crisis is best expressed by the giant debt pyramid that continues to grow and inflate at record speeds. Within this crisis, it becomes possibly understandable that the US, before its inability to seize control of Russia and China from within or from outside, and its subsequent inability to prevent the progress of their joint project for an alternative global order in which the password is the elimination of the dollar, it becomes understandable that swallowing Europe, with its capabilities, wealth, and industries, to commodify part of the inflated dollar has become an urgent need for the Americans. This is especially so since the euro is the historical reserve that is closest to the Americans’ reach by virtue of their long-term control in Europe, which has been worked on day by day since the “Cold War” began and with it the Marshall Plans to reconstruct – and restraint – Europe.

Within this scenario, we can go an additional step forward within the framework of making assumptions. What we mean exactly is that it is not unlikely that it will be among Washington’s strategies in the coming years, not only the dismantling and ending of the EU (and this explains, at least partially, Britain’s exit therefrom), but also, implicitly, ending the euro, and establishing the dollar as the currency in Europe. This becomes more realistic the more Europe’s commercial connection with the US increases, starting with agricultural markets to the giant companies that control seeds and fertilizers, as well as energy and technology. When Europe’s neck becomes completely in the US’ grip, the destruction of the euro and the supremacy of the dollar in its place, will be a matter of fact.

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