Humanitarian Appeal

Humanitarian Appeal

It remains unknown how many Syrians are still under the rubble, and they are hundreds, maybe thousands, and maybe more. It is not known who among them is still alive, but there are certainly some waiting to be saved and are still to this moment groaning under the rubble of their homes.

The international community and humanitarian organizations began providing aid late, and the aid is still minimal compared to actual need. Syrians, who were already afflicted before the earthquake, have almost nothing with which to defend themselves and their children in the face of death and destruction. They need everything, including rapid relief and rescue from under the rubble, heating means of heating including fuel, food and especially baby formula, supplies and medicines, chronic disease medications, and shelters. Regarding particularly the latter, i.e., the issue of shelters, and in light of the severe cold weather, relief projects should provide the afflicted, who are practically in the streets, with temporary humane housing for a period of no less than three to six months, pending more sustainable solutions.

We, the undersigned of Syrian political and social forces, appeal to and demand the international community with its various institutions to accelerate work to intensify all forms of support and assistance for the afflicted. In this context, no sanctions whatsoever should stand in the way of relief, as they have so far clearly and blatantly hindered relief, despite all claims to the contrary. While we thank those who directed support and relief from the outset, we confirm that the total aid is still far less than the magnitude of the disaster.



Khaled al-Mahamid – Former VP of the Syrian Negotiation Commission

Obeida Nahas – The National Renewal Movement

Hasan al-Atrash – Member of The National Initiative in Jabal al-Arab

Mohammad al-Shakker – The Arab Democratic Assembly

Alaa Arafat – The People’s Will Party

Kadri Jamil – The Change and Liberation Front


12 February 2023


It is worth noting that the signatories of the appeal attended the Moscow meeting of the Syrian Opposition in September 2022. The meeting included Kadri Jamil (Moscow Platform), Khaled al-Mahamid (Former VP of the Syrian Negotiation Commission, Cairo Platform), Adel Ismail (National Coordination Committee), Sihanouk. Dibo (Syrian Democratic Council), Hasan al-Atrash (the National Initiative in Jabal al-Arab), Obeida Nahas (the National Renewal Movement), Alaa Arafat (the People’s Will Party), and Ali al-Asi (the Future Syria Party).


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