Is Syria Not Part of the Belt and Road? Then Why Is Washington Withdrawing?
Saad Saeb Saad Saeb

Is Syria Not Part of the Belt and Road? Then Why Is Washington Withdrawing?

Commenting on an article in Kassioun’s last issue, a friend asked me: “You link US withdrawal from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East in general, to the US’ effort to concentrate forces in confronting China. But aren't these areas, from which withdrawals are taking place, including Syria, part of the countries through which the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, the largest Chinese initiative and project, passes? Wouldn’t the withdrawal of the US from these areas make it easier for China to complete its project and thus complete its economic and political supremacy?”


To begin with, we are not the only ones who connect US withdrawals from our region with confronting China. It is true that we said this many years ago on Kassioun’s website, but we are not the only ones who say this now. Even the Americans themselves are saying it explicitly, starting from their think tanks to their newspapers and to Biden himself, who openly expressed during the past month that the withdrawal from Afghanistan is to focus on the main task of confronting China.

With regard to Syria being among the countries through which the Belt and Road is planned to pass, this is certainly true, but what should be taken into account alongside this fact are the following two facts:

First: The countries that have actually become part of the project exceed 70 countries, and these are of varying sizes and importance in the economic sense.

Second: The countries with which contracts have been signed in connection with the Belt and Road Initiative have now reached nearly 126 countries.

In other words, if we assume that the US’ plan to stop the Belt and Road is through military presence in the countries through which it will pass, then this means that the US should distribute its military over roughly all countries of the three old world’s continents. This will be a great service to China, because the dispersal of the already retreating forces and the expansion of their geographic reach is precisely the time-tested historical recipe for the collapse of great empires.

Projects of the Present and the Future

Another aspect that should also be considered in this analysis is that the US’ attempt to stop or impede Chinese development is not only related to the Belt and Road, as China, before the completion of this project, and based on the existing reality, has effectively bypassed the US in the economic sense.

If we take, for example, one of the important major economic indicators, which Western media does not like to talk about, that is the GDP PPP index, which expresses more accurately than the GDP index the production equivalent of a particular country of that country’s goods, we will find that China’s economy has become more than 1.25 times the economy of the US for at least the last two years.

More specifically, all this means that the “Chinese problem” that is facing the US today, has its roots within China itself, in the processes of concentrated industrialization, agriculture, and general organization. What is required is to destroy this “problem” at its roots, because waiting for the future and waiting for the leaves and fruits means certain death from a US perspective.

Therefore, the problem that the US is trying to solve today, is with the results of the recent Chinese past, which we are seeing today. The US’ “disaster”, with which it cannot deal in any way, is China’s present and subsequently its future.

Therefore, the war the US is waging against China today is a war that is intended to penetrate to the roots of the “Chinese problem” inside China. Therefore, what is required within the general economic decline of the Western system, whose production has declined over twenty years from 65% of global product to under 45%, is that these declining forces be concentrated on the immediate frontiers of China and, if possible, penetrating it.

The dossiers that we will hear and see surfacing and rising in the near future are those of: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Vietnam, the China Sea, the “Human Rights File in China”, Japan, etc.

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