Statement: The Golan is Syrian and USA is an Enemy of Every Syrian

Statement: The Golan is Syrian and USA is an Enemy of Every Syrian

The play, in which the United States played the role of «mediator» or «sponsor» of any peace process in Syria, ended today.


Washington stood with all the rudeness and arrogance with the Zionist entity and against the interests of all Syrians and all the peoples of the region, leaping over international legitimacy and international law and all the resolutions of the United Nations and the Security Council, and recognized the «sovereignty» of the occupation on a Syrian territory, that is, recognizing the occupation and trying to legitimize it. Washington's decline at the international level and its humiliating crises and its loss of capacity for sabotage and chaos in our region in general, and in Syria in particular, are now prompting it to publicly reveal its cards of open hostility to the whole of the Syrian people, and it hopes by doing so to open the path to further chaos and ruin.

We, in the Front for Change and Liberation, and the Moscow Platform of Syrian Opposition – while maintaining our devotion to the Syrian identity of the occupied Golan, and while we are aware of the fact that the weakness of the sponsor of evils number-one in the world, that is the United States of America, places the restoration of the Golan Heights on the table of historical action and within the near, very near, future – we declare our rejection of any role to the United States of America in the Syrian political process, and we consider any Syrian entity dealing with USA, both in the regime and in the opposition, as an outsider to the Syrian patriotism and should be rejected out of Syria's future permanently!

Long live our Golan, Syrian and liberated in the near future, despite the nose of Washington and despite the nose of international Zionism and its entity ...

Front for Change and Liberation
Moscow Platform for the Syrian Opposition
25 March 2019