Guterres Yells From the System's Core: For a “New Era”!

Guterres Yells From the System's Core: For a “New Era”!

“The world is in turmoil. Economies are in freefall… and the virus has exposed the fragility of our world”.

This is what the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres said on the 18th of this month, considering that the world is at a crossroads because of inequality that is destroying our future.

The official in charge of the highest international organization says that the virus has revealed that “The global political and economic system is not delivering on critical global public goods: public health, climate action, sustainable development, etc.” He calls for a New Global Deal, which is a term that is frequently used in the US, especially in the ranks of the Democratic Party and recently by the United Nations, and is based on the (New Deal); the stage of US president Roosevelt’s administration of the Great Depression in the 1930s, which is recalled by the “official” American history as a stage where Americans got unemployment compensation and other social services, and during which the federal government carried out the widest employment process for the unemployed. In addition, any speech about the group concentration camps of American workers, that put them in conditions close to the conditions of slavery, naturally drops from the “official history”, to intensify and accumulate exploiting them in preparation for the new real deal: the post-war deal.

Nevertheless, the paradox seems to be dramatic, as the (small virus) brought down at once and in great acceleration all the mightiness of the globally dominant Western system, and suddenly all the smoke and propaganda that covered its violence and fragility has cleared away.

Today, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is compelled to stand and say that recovery is not going to be soon and the economic collapse is resounding.  As, global growth stops, trade slows, production chains that were connected globally are broken, and the West is getting more inclined to isolation and hostility that is represented without (frills) in one center, which Trump represents its front!

It suddenly makes sense now to hear the Secretary-General of the United Nations criticize the objectives of the system, and say that it is inconsistent with the fundamentals of social continuity! The pandemic has put the system of Western countries in front of a clear question: Should we choose to rescue profit or to save people? The answer was clear that the decision is to save the higher-ups and leave the people to their fate. So, the system has no room for protecting people and lifting them out of unemployment, but it has trillions of dollars for the higher-ups who have made exceptional profits in short time.

The big challenge facing the West is that the fall of the US model is matched by the luminosity of the model that the Western propaganda has been targeting for decades, and the saying of (the totalitarian systems) has become vicious and shallow. For these non-Western models and particularly China, have managed the battle socially and economically with higher efficiency, and it has become clear that they are more able to face the challenges of the declining global economy. Most importantly, these models answered the fundamental question by saying that society and people and their needs are a priority.

Nonetheless, is there a possibility in the West for a (new era) as the Secretary-General and others are claiming? The policies of Roosevelt in the 30s, including workers concentration camps, were part of the preparation process for WWII, as it was the actual and practical tool for implementing the (new era), which is funded by the madness of WWII. The partial concessions offered by the US system to its society in the post-World War II stages, were at the expense of global devastation in Europe and Russia in particular, and derived from the elite’s profits from that devastation.

Today, the system cannot build a new era and offer concessions unless it inflamed a war greater than WWII and profited from it, which has become difficult and nearly impossible! It is what the system has been trying to do since the turn of the millennium at a higher rate through the US global aggression, sporadic wars, and creative chaos, without achieving great successes, because the goal was not achieved. So, it did not prevent the progress of others, nor was it able to stop the decline of its system and maintain hegemony.

There is no new era except for that which the powers of the World, that are willing and able to go forward towards an alternative system, are going to grab. A system that is truly based on meeting the basic and evolving needs of human beings. A system that achieves the deepest social justice and the greatest growth, and whose goal is the development of all. A system that used to be called socialism, a system that is still called socialism.


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