Press Release by Moscow Platform

Press Release by Moscow Platform

The leadership of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) and the influential group within it continue to practice their behavior which is hostile to political solution and Astana path, and supportive for the destructive Western proposals, especially those of James Jeffrey, whose habit is to make escalatory statements between now and then, which do not last too long before they fall and he resorts to silence again, and even totally disappears from the picture, only to reappear after a while bringing other fake proposals like their precedents.


Because the Moscow platform is present within the SNC on the basis of UNSCR 2254 as one of the three platforms mentioned in the resolution, and only on this basis, it finds it necessary to show its own independent face and positions disagreeing to what is officially stated on behalf of the SNC as a whole.

In this context, and with regard to the main issues currently on the table, we state the following:

First: Sanctions
The Western sanctions on Syria have only affected the general public of the Syrian people, increased their poverty and deepened their tragedy. They have provided the basis for a large corruption network shared by the big corrupters in the regime, the corrupters within the European Union, and some international organizations. Therefore, those SNC members who support the continuation of sanctions, provide in fact a great service to the corrupters of the very regime they claim they oppose, and of course to the great behemoths of international and Western corruption. Hence, we call for the immediate lifting of all sanctions.

Second: Reconstruction
Washington and the European countries continue their trading in the issue of reconstruction and put political conditions on its launch, claiming that if their conditions are met, they will inundate Syrians with manna. Any serious observer of the European economic situation knows that the Europeans are unable to contribute seriously to the reconstruction of Syria, and all they want is to let their companies operate in reconstruction through the funds of other countries. Moreover, the issue of reconstruction is a humanitarian issue in the first place, and any linkage of it to the political aspect is a trading in the sufferings and pains of the Syrian people and suspending of their daily lives indefinitely.

Third: Return of Refugees
On the question of the return of refugees, we find the same identification with Western attitudes, which encourage the non-return of refugees before the political solution is achieved, and some believe that not resolving the issue of refugees is a political blackmailing tool to influence the form of the forthcoming solution. In fact, not solving the refugee's problem is purposefully meant to prevent reaching any solution whatsoever, and keep the wound bleeding and deepening it further up to completing the project of creative chaos if possible. The demand to secure guarantees for the return of the refugees, and even to accelerate the securing of those guarantees and to speed up the return, is a necessary step to arrive at a real solution that the Syrians themselves decide. The guarantees here are guarantees for the refugees to return with dignity and security, not guarantees to states or political parties about their share of the solution or the form of the solution as desired by some. In this context, it becomes clear how wretched is the attack launched by some members of the SNC on the visit of the international envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen to Baba Amr [in Homs, Syria], instead of welcoming the visit and encouraging him to complement it by visits to the Syrians in the places of asylum to take a look on their situation.

We, in the Moscow platform, have already supported, and continue to support, a genuine political solution based on UNSCR 2254 and the constitutional approach adopted in Sochi, a solution based on the consensus of the Syrians among each other. We, therefore, stand firm against the extremists and corrupt on both sides who mutually provide services to each other day after day and position after position!

21 March 2019