Kadri Jamil: “ the solution of the Syrian crisis is more mature today”

Kadri Jamil: “ the solution of the Syrian crisis is more mature today”

Kadri Jamil the head of Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition, in an interview with Almyadeen TV (Aug, 08, 2017) , considered that the solution of the Syrian crisis is more mature today”, and that the “de-escalation zones” agreement needs an urgent political consensus to protect Syria. He also confirmed not having received a response to the suggestion made by Moscow platform to held a meeting of the Syrian opposition in Geneva.

Jamil: The Gulf crisis is a natural result of the Syrian crisis

The head of Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition, Kadri Jamil, stressed that “the solution in Syria became more mature today”. He added that “the middle east is no longer a priority for the Americans, and they are preparing to organize their retreat”, pointing out that “the American retroversion is evidently prolonged and persistent”.

Jamil said – through Al Mayadeen’s program, Hadeeth al-Sa’a (the dialouge of the hour): “What is important for the American today is the far east, especially China.”, pointing out to the big difference between the previous international positions toward the Syrian crisis, and the new ones today, putting clearly that “Turkey, Qatar and other states are making a new political swerve in their position of the Syrian crisis.”

Jamil talked about a link between the Gulf states’ crisis and the Syrian crisis, considering the former as a natural result of the latter, as “a result of the involvement of these states in the war on Syria”, adding that “the Gulf crisis is deep, and has a positive effect on the crisis in Syria”.

The head of Moscow platform had also explained that “there is a need to a collective national will of both the opposition and the regime, in order to exit the crisis. The ice had been broken among the various oppositions, and their communication is easier than before”. Jamil stressed that “opposition platforms today do not represent all the spectrum of the Syrian opposition in all its variations”, revealing that “In the eighth round [of the Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks] De Mistura will work on a direct negotiation between the delegation of the opposition and the regime's delegation”.

“De-escalation zones” needs an urgent consensus

About the “de-escalation zones” Jamil said “the agreement of de-escalation zones needs an urgent consensus to protect Syria”, indicating that “the agreement of de-escalation zones, if became persistent, it will raise concerns about the unity of the country”, pointing out that “the Russian intervention has made the project of dividing Syria far fetched”

Jamil also revealed that “the opposition platforms had reached an agreement regarding the basket of the constitution, but we have not yet received a response to our suggestion to held a meeting of the Syrian opposition in Geneva”, stressing that “the Riaydh city is not the appropriate place for the meeting of the opposition”. Jamil added that “Egypt plays a considerable role in resolving the Syrian crisis, and its role may be extended, and there is a considerable degree of rapprochement and similarity of opinions and ideas between Moscow platform and Cairo platform, and this is to be developed further.”

The head of Moscow platform said that “all the neighboring countries of Syria have to contribute in Astana negotiations, because the risk of terrorism is threatening the whole region”, pointing out that “the most important thing for both the Syrian government and opposition is to apply UN resolution 2254.”

Jamil added that “No room for any compromise with Jabhat al-Nusra, because it is classified as terrorist, and Idlib will not stay under al-Nusra’s control, weather by negotiation, or by other ways”. Jamil stressed that “the problem of the Syrian Kurds will be resolved by inviting them to Geneva negotiations in order to make them share in the solution and in the formulation of the constitution.”

Source: Al Mayadeen

Translated by kassioun.org