Kassioun Editorial 1159: How Do We Prepare for a Possible US Withdrawal?

Kassioun Editorial 1159: How Do We Prepare for a Possible US Withdrawal?

Whether US forces in remain in Iraq and Syria or withdraw therefrom is not determined by US internal electoral conflicts, but rather by the grand strategies of how Washington and its dollar elite manage its global struggle to maintain its hegemony.

More concretely, with regard to our region, what determines whether to remain or withdraw is the US’s comprehensive chaos plan in the region, which Kassioun covered extensively in past editorials. This plan is not being treated as the only way out of the American-Zionist defeat in Gaza, as much as a temporary way out of a much more massive crisis, which is the possibility of the entire region getting out of US bondage, with a huge impact on the overall US global hegemony.

Undoubtedly, the escalation in the blows served to US forces throughout the region, as well as the escalation of the political attack – popular and official – on the continued presence of its forces, whether in Iraq or in Syria, as well as the escalation of public rejection within the US of the continuation of “forever wars”, are all pressing factors towards withdrawal.

Nevertheless, if we assume that Washington is convinced of the necessity of its withdrawal, it will implement it in a specific way that allows the creation of a black hole that has ISIS as one tool, though not the only one. That is, if Washington decides to withdraw, it will try to turn this withdrawal into a detonator for a new large-scale explosion.

The US achieving its goal is not an inevitable fate. On the contrary, there still is a possibility of encircling it, and it is achievable. What is happening around and in Afghanistan after the withdrawal, and despite all its defects, problems, and even misfortunes, is an example of the process of gradual encirclement.

For us in Syria, there are two levels of preparatory work necessary for a possible US withdrawal.
The first is the level of action of international and regional powers, especially Astana, where the statements of officials of each of its three countries reveal not only that these countries are pressuring for a US exit, but also that they estimate that the US will try to leave behind chaos and that its chaos is “manageable” and can be encircled within a short period of time.

The second and more important level is that Syrian patriotic forces must prepare with all that is necessary to deal with this possibility. Primarily, it must not be led into igniting internal conflicts, the explosion and renewal of which the US is setting up the stage.

The main key is national reunification based on a comprehensive political solution through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. In addition to staying away once and for all from falling into the illusion of all forms of Western and US promises, which the facts have proven sufficiently and with ample evidence that they are false. The first to fall victim to those false promises are those who consider themselves closest to the Americans, starting with Europe, all the way to any ally of the US anywhere in the world.

The possibility of a US withdrawal is high, and though it carries with it risks of plans of detonation with the withdrawal, it is a step forward in creating the proper conditions for reuniting Syria and the Syrian people. It is also an additional step towards undermining US hegemony, and with it the hegemony of extremists who reject the political solution in Syria, in all their forms.

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