Kassioun Editorial 1138: Yet it Continues!

Kassioun Editorial 1138: Yet it Continues!

Syria-related events and developments are moving fast inside Syria and in its surroundings, near and far. This is connected to several factors, the most important of which on the external level is the continued shift in the international balance of power against American and Zionist interests, in parallel with the approaching deadlines that Astana is working on and the increased coordination between Astana and major Arab countries. On the internal level, there is the continuation and gradual expansion of the new wave of popular movement.

Among the most important files whose files are becoming clearer, is what is going on east of Euphrates and Deir EzZor, which various media outlets are trying to portray with all sorts of contradictory images. Nevertheless, all these media outlets are unable to hide two main facts:

First: The alleged American project related to closing the Syrian-Iraqi border is facing serious obstacles, as does the alleged project about linking the northeast with the south through al-Tanf. Such schemes are being eliminated at the core. Moreover, and considering the situation of the American occupation in Iraq and the pressure it is experiencing with the various tools, including political ones, the continued American presence in both Iraq and Syria is under a greater and deeper threat than ever before.

Second: All models that partially or fully reproduce the same wrong policies, which are biased to the interests of the economic minority and against the interest of the majority, regardless of who they rely on, are not sustainable models, neither at the regional nor the national level. This does not negate the fact that there are positive features, for which there have been attempts to preserve, but it confirms that the sustainability of any model is not possible unless there is a comprehensive Syrian consensus about it, and unless it is based on a clear bias towards the plundered majority and against the plundering minority.

In southern Syria, the popular movement continues its slow but steady progress. With time, it is working more clearly to highlight its all-inclusive national character, based on the demand for the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 on the one hand, and to show its comprehensive Syrian affiliation by insisting on highlighting the founding fathers of Syria, the leaders of the great Syrian revolution against the French colonizer, as well as through the clear voices that are saying that expulsion of foreign forces implicitly means primarily the expulsion of the Zionist occupier from the occupied Syrian Golan.

Bolstering and deepening this spirit and constantly correcting mistakes would curb and weaken those who are lurking the popular movement, from within it and from outside it.

The popular movement in its new wave is not confined to a specific region, but rather is latent and present in various forms in all regions of Syria. Its most prominent feature is the continuous steaming among the plundered who discuss on a daily basis at home and the workplace what can be done, how, and when.

The movement, by insisting on the national character, is edging the extremists within the regime who tend to accuse it of treason and include it within the framework of “external schemes”. At the same time, those extremists refrain from criticizing the conspirators against the country and its people, that is the corruption lords draining the people with hunger, disease, cold, and liberalism, and directly contributing to emptying Syria of its people, and ultimately contributing to implementation of the Zionist plans to abolish the functional role of Syria, and even divide it if they are able to do so.

The extremists within the opposition are also doing their part in trying to push the movement into past tunnels and to extremism, in a way that serves, as has happened before, the regime’s extremists by creating a pretext for oppressing the movement. The opposition’s extremists are also trying to exploit the movement and prevent it from independently developing on clear patriotic, socioeconomic, and democratic bases.

The development and expansion of the popular movement requires tenacious insistence on its peacefulness and patriotism, especially in the face of the Zionists. This movement, as it develops, will be an essential guarantee for the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 to lead to reunifying Syria’s people and land, restoring its sovereignty over its entire geography, including the Golan, and restoring the sovereignty of its people over it.

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