Four Messages in the New Year

Four Messages in the New Year

With the dawn of a new year of the Syrian catastrophe, and because “your friend is one who is truthful with you, not the one who believes you”, we believe it is useful to share with the sides we believe have an interest in resolving the Syrian crisis, our views and observations about the stage the country has reached and the ways out of the disaster. We summarize this in the following messages:

First: There is no doubt that the Russian military entry in September 2015 played a decisive role in preventing the collapse of the Syrian state and in encircling and striking terrorism. The Astana and Sochi track, leading to the formation of the Constitutional Committee, also contributed to paving the way towards a political solution on the one hand, and in reducing the level of violence throughout the country to what it was before 2017 on the other hand. However, what is also certain is that the catastrophic and accelerating decline in living conditions, and the continuation of disruptive and divisive Western action, in the absence of a comprehensive political solution, will lead, if it continues, to waste all that has been accomplished so far. Therefore, the push toward the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 to enable the Syrian people to decide their own destiny, is not an everlasting slogan, but one that has a limited time, if it is passed, there will no longer be a Syria in which this resolution will be implemented. In other words, the fruits of the military accomplishment in which the Russian military force played a key role will be dispelled in light of delaying or not investing the political solution on the basis of 2254 in its entirety.

Second: The historical role of Syria since before its independence, as a country and people resisting the Western system and Zionism, is also under threat. The continued de facto partition; the catastrophic deterioration in Syrians’ living conditions; and the continued rule of the big corrupt powers, warlords, and extremists on all sides – all these do not only mean that Syria is temporarily neutralized from the struggle against the “Israeli”, but also opens the door to breaking Syria’s historical position by breaking its people and breaking its unity. Therefore, all regional sides that see Syria’s anti-Zionist position compatible with their interests must accelerate pushing for a comprehensive political solution that constitutes the only guarantee for the continued existence of Syria itself, and then the continuation of its position. What should actually arouse the fear of these sides is not the political solution, but rather, not starting it immediately.

Third: Our brothers in the political forces in the Northeast should draw lessons from their bitter experiences with the Americans, the first of which is that every region occupied by Turkey today is a region from which the US withdrew and facilitated takeover thereof or surrendered it to Turkey. The US was and still is an enemy of all Syrians, cannot be trusted in any way, and there would be no desired result can come from trusting them except more destruction and devastation.

Fourth: The patriotic Syrians within the ranks of the regime and within the ranks of the opposition must also push for the political solution, as the weight of any force in the future of Syria is linked to its seriousness in pushing for the solution. Those who will continue to obstruct their weight will necessarily drop all the way down to zero, because sooner or later the solution will inevitably come, and vice versa.
If the speed of the collapse of living conditions reached during 2020, 34 times the speed of the collapse in the previous years, then this means 2021 could be more disastrous and dangerous by all standards, unless the comprehensive solution starts immediately. Therefore, the solution must start.

The time has come to reach the end of the long path of suffering through which Syrians have struggled, and it is time for a new birth, the starting point and password for which is: 2254.

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