How to Prevent a Cardiac Arrest!

How to Prevent a Cardiac Arrest!

The Syrian economy is at risk of cardiac arrest since the beginnings of 2013, which started showing its symptoms since then, and has intensified with the delay of the political solution to the Syrian crisis. This is something we have emphasized since then: “The continuation of the crisis will cause the Syrian economy to have a cardiac arrest” (September 2012).

The root of the issue lies in the liberal policies that have been implemented more rapidly since 2005 under the name of “social market economy”. These policies, in addition to the disasters it brought to poverty rates that rose over five years from 30% to 44% of Syrians, and destroying a large part of the agricultural capital and livestock, as a result of lifting subsidies on fuel, especially diesel, and many other calamities, it stripped the state of its basic weapons of economic and social intervention, which were handed over to the major corruption forces and import and export traders and brokers, who gradually, but rapidly got in their hands everything relating to all essential economic affairs.

By 2011, the only tool remaining in the hands of the state was the financial instrument. As for the people’s livelihood, it was placed in the hands of the traders, and as a result it became at risk.

With the outbreak of violence and military operations, as well as with the Western economic siege, the production process in its various stages and parts (production, exchange / distribution, consumption) has largely stopped, and the fate and purchasing power of the Syrian pound has been subject to internal and foreign trading processes.

The value of any currency is ultimately based on the corresponding real material production within the country concerned, and the accumulated wealth in various forms, including gold and foreign currencies. Since production was almost halted, and the remainder of and original amounts of the accounts and reserves are known only to a few dominant people, the manipulation of the value of the Syrian pound and its exchange rate has become a direct political and financial tool used by both foreign forces hostile to Syrians, led by the United States, and domestic mafias, warlords, and big corruptors.

The existing economy in Syria is no longer just a crisis economy, it has become a black-market economy for the most part. Estimates indicate that there are a billion Syrian pounds of black-market business profits, which are being converted daily into dollars, and soon transferred abroad. The huge amount of cash pumping of the Syrian pound has also become an additional tool of plundering through the accelerating catastrophic inflation.

With the continuation of the crisis and sanctions, and the continued hegemony of the warlords and the big corruptors, the situation is heading towards more deterioration, devastation, and starvation, leading to the explosion of all of Syria and consecrating it as a quagmire, just as the Americans and Zionists want.

The only way out to prevent the possibility of cardiac arrest is a high charge defibrillation, the basis of which is the full and immediate implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. However, the full implementation of this resolution, and even achieving the comprehensive fundamental change, requires the affected Syrians to increase the degree of their organization, in order to defend their rights against domestic and foreign plunderers. This also requires taking advantage of the various mistakes that the popular movement made in its previous stage.