“Caesar”: The American Policeman’s Knee!

“Caesar”: The American Policeman’s Knee!

The new malicious and criminal US sanctions package, dubbed “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act”, will enter into force mid-this month. This package, while massively intensifying the impact of the previously-imposed sanctions, it also differentiates from it in that it expands the impact of the sanctions not only inside Syria, but also applies international bullying on any type of bilateral dealings between Syria and any other country in the world, including in the areas of food and health.

Looking at the history of US and Western sanctions on Syria and others, and despite claiming that they aim to change a regime or change its behavior, in this or that country, they have never achieved its stated goal. Instead, they have always achieved impoverishment and weakening of the targeted countries and deepening the hardships of their peoples. Indeed, in many cases, they have played a role that bolsters the major corrupt forces and mafias that the sanctions claim to combat. The Syrian example in this regard is more than clear, and Kassioun has shown with numbers and through consecutive issues, the effects of sanctions on the most essential commodities to Syrians’ livelihood, as well as the ways that large corrupt forces benefit from sanctions to inflate their profits from astronomical import operations.

In a word, the Caesar Act is the knee of the American policeman crushing the neck of the Syrian people to try to kill them by suffocation, like what was done with George Floyd, a US citizen. Thus, any Syrian approving or rejoicing the Caesar Act is a national betrayal of the Syrian people.

One needs to be extremely blind and insightless to not see US actions that are evidently attempting to legitimize al-Nusra and prevent the implementation of Sochi, as well as attempting to isolate northeastern Syria through the blatant exploitation of the Kurdish cause, and before that in the position of “annexing the occupied Syrian Golan.” Likewise, those who applaud the Caesar Act definitely need to turn a blind eye to James Jeffery’s insolent statement in which he outlined his ultimate goals and the goals of his administration in Syria when he said: “My job is to make [Syria] a quagmire for the Russians.” In other words, the number one enemy, at the international level, of implementing UNSC Resolution 2254 is no one other than the US itself.
Nevertheless, the US is not the only beneficiary of “turning Syria into a quagmire”, but also the Zionists, as well as the large corruption forces and domestic warlords on both sides of the crisis, for whom implementation of the resolution rises to the level of a death sentence for their plundering and oppression.

UNSCR 2254, though in essence it addresses the right of the Syrian people to themselves decide their own destiny and that of their country, it also means, and within the same framework, ending the various forms of external interference. In this sense, its implementation is the only effective tool to prevent the effects of the Caesar Act, not only with regard to the great corruption and internal extremism mafias, but also in opening the door for Syria to enter the new world system, with its diverse and pluralistic international relations that do not lie under the pressure of the knee of the world’s American policeman.

The immediate implementation of the political solution through UNSCR 2254 was a necessity before “Caesar”, and now it is an existential necessity to prevent turning Syria into a quagmire, and to end its long path of pains, which requires patriotic Syrians from all sides to intensify their efforts to the maximum limits to remove all types of obstacles.