Corona Topples the Western Crown!

Corona Topples the Western Crown!

A global state of terror is spreading not only due to the Coronavirus (corona Latin for “crown”) alone, but also because Western governments are intentionally reinforcing this state. In parallel, there is something big, mighty, and historical, happening, even though to this moment it is not getting enough attention.

What was foreseen by the People's Will Party since its early days at the turn of this century is actually being put into practice now: the new international balance that will turn the last page of Western domination once and for all; "Western domination" not only in the West’s domination of world politics sense, but also the domination of the profiteering system that tramples all moral and human values for the sake of profit considerations. Moreover, it exploits all sorts of slogans, including the most virtuous ones, to activate the plundering of their own peoples and all peoples of the planet: the list-toppers of these slogans are human rights, individual freedoms, and others.

The reality that the world is experiencing today in the face of the novel Coronavirus, especially China’s brilliant and superior model, which brought to the highest level the human right to life and free medical care, above all corporate considerations. This model has irreversibly dethroned the Western system.

Although the entire world’s talk is revolving nowadays around the Coronavirus, another unmeasurably larger event is dominating developments in the world, including those of this virus itself, which are often exaggerated. We are talking about what happened on Friday, March 6, when Russia stopped operating according to the (OPEC+) agreement relating to reducing oil production, which led to the collapse of stock exchanges around the world starting from the United States, which compensated part of its losses in the last few days by catastrophically inflating the debt bubble, by pumping an additional $1.5 trillion. This will quickly throw the global economy, particularly Western economy, into a bottomless crisis.

On the other side, in China and Russia, and although the crisis will reach them, but the model based on increasing the contribution percentage of the real economy – that is industry, agriculture, and construction – to the total GDP, will form a buffer to the bubble burst, as the proportion of real production from total GDP in China and Russia exceeds 56% and 42.1%, respectively, unlike countries like the US and UK where this proportion is 20.1% and 18.8%, respectively.

The decomposition of the Western model, along with its values and foundations, has reached its final limits, as is the case with the different political regimes that have been founded in essence dependent on this model.

What we will witness at the global, regional and local levels in the coming years is a complete collapse of an old model and a gradual birth of a new one.

Syria will not be an exception, and the title of the transition in Syria from the old world to the new world is the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254... and that is what will happen.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 957, March 17, 2020

Last modified on Wednesday, 18 March 2020 18:32