Solution of the Economic-Living Crisis is Political First and Foremost

Solution of the Economic-Living Crisis is Political First and Foremost

Various media outlets circulated the “” report on the ranking of countries of the world according to the proportions of their populations that fall below the poverty line. Syria topped the rankings with 82.5% of its population falling under the poverty line, a figure that does not differ much from the 2019 UN figures, which estimated this rate at 83% for Syria. The aforementioned percentages are also close to the local estimates, including those of “Kassioun”.


In the same country where the suppressed majority of families have to survive with an income that does not exceed $50 per month, a luxury car gets sold at an auction for half a million dollars, i.e. the monthly income of 10,000 families!
In this country, the debauchery of the big corruption figures and warlords has become a daily occurrence that continuously deepens the open wounds, and governmental policies are no longer “generous” even with ineffective sedative influence. Nevertheless, the same repugnant rhetoric continues to be repeated about administrative reforms here and there, and unfulfilled promises of both urgent and long-term economic solutions.

Those who deal with the existing economic, humanitarian, and living crisis – in the sense that it has an economic solution – are either delusional or lying to people to silence them. The reality of the matter is that there are no economic solutions to the economic crisis that the country is going through. There is no way out of the crisis, in its internal and external components, without a real political solution, one that ends the Western embargo and its pretexts, or breaks this siege by actually and truly turning eastward, and not just with slogans.

There is no way out of the crisis without breaking the subordinate economic structure, the joints of which are controlled by West-subordinated local brokers, who are hindering efforts to really turn towards the East and abandon the dollar and dollarization.
There is no way out of the crisis without restructuring the country’s political structure to allow for striking of the big corruptors who reap the fruits of people’s sweat and blood.
There is no way out of the crisis without providing the appropriate environment that allows Syrian immigrants and expatriate talents to be pumped back into the arteries of the drained country to revive it.

Dealing responsibly with the people’s accumulated daily pains and agonies, which might explode at any moment in many different ways, goes through not only the indispensable fighting of terrorism, but also requires combatting those who loot the people’s livelihood. Once again, such a war cannot reach any results within the existing structure; rather, such a war requires radical, profound, and comprehensive national change based on UNSCR 2254, by and for Syrians.
The various major national tasks that our country is facing – the socioeconomic and political ones – including combating terrorism, driving out the US forces, and ending all foreign presence in the country, all pass through the same gateway: the full implementation of UNSCR 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 954, Feb. 24, 2020

Last modified on Tuesday, 25 February 2020 18:16