Constitutional Committee and 2254

Constitutional Committee and 2254

The second session of the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee begins in Geneva on Monday, November 25, after it passed its first exam during the first session, achieving some ice-breaking, and opening the door towards a real start of the political process of full implementation of the UNSCR 2254, despite a number of provocative statements and actions, through which extremists parties - formally contradictory and fundamentally consistent - are attempting to sabotage the work of this committee and downplay it.

Taking a look back on Sochi's final communiqué, which constituted the practical starting point for the formation of the constitutional committee, its convening and the commencement of its work, leaves no doubt as to the extent to which this committee is linked to both the Astana and Geneva tracks, and with the heart of both the UNSCR 2254 ...

First of all, the course of Astana itself, sponsored by the Russian-Turkish-Iranian trio, has confirmed since its founding almost three years ago, and in each of its meetings, in all its actions, that it is a supportive track to the Geneva track; Geneva, which has always meant, not a geographical location, but rather precisely the UNSCR 2254 facilitated by the United Nations.

In the context of the Astana framework itself, the Syrian National Dialogue Conference was held in Sochi in early 2018, as an additional, political tool, with the aim of removing political impediments to the further implementation of resolution 2254.

Sochi - besides the very important issue of being a direct part of the implementation of the UNSC resolution 2254 with regard to the constitutional question, and by virtue of the deep interdependence of the three tracks (Geneva-Astana-Sochi) - it is Geneva itself , and nothing else; Geneva track would have been stalled and not have been possible to start again in the form of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee, had it not been for the push it received from Sochi and Astana. Sochi and Astana, in their turn, would only have been appeared on the basis of the UNSCR 2254 itself, and on the basis of the stumble of Geneva, and for the purpose of pushing it forward again. In this sense, the three tracks (Sochi, Astana and Geneva) are, in essence, one and the same track which has the same essence: the UNSCR 2254.

Moreover, the practical results and concrete facts prove conclusively that those who have long downplayed the Astana-Sochi process, under the pretext of their adherence to the Geneva process, were in fact working against the Geneva process itself, and against Resolution 2254, and vice versa; those who underestimate the Geneva track today, on the pretext of sticking to the Sochi track, does the same thing.

The great task of the Syrian patriots today, regardless of their political alignments, which are mostly formal, and in the face of the aggravation of the Syrian humanitarian tragedy from the economic door this time, with the continuation of its other deadly aspects, and whose heavy pressing weight grows on the breasts of Syrians, at home and abroad - in the ace of all these factors, the obvious national mission is to stick to the three unified tracks at its core: the UNSCR 2254, and work to accelerate their implementation to lift the sword of absolute poverty, and even absolute hunger, away from the Syrian necks. The obvious entry point to this process is to raise the degree of seriousness in treating the Constitutional Committee in order to complete its work as soon as possible.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 941, November 25, 2019