Final Days of US Bullying!

Final Days of US Bullying!

In parallel to the start of the work of the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, Washington has launched three attitudes related to Syria; the first is to retreat from the total withdrawal and stay in the area of Syrian oil fields. The second is related to Idlib and US pressure to prevent elimination of Al-Nusra Front in Idlib. The third is also related to the northern part of Syria, where USA pushes to impede understanding and dialogue between the north-east forces in Syria and the Syrian government.

In addition to the apparent confusion in the American attitudes that have become like overnight bonds thrown into the market to be sold within 12 hours, the American floundering reflects US continued failure in its various plans, both major and minor. Since Washington announced its partial withdrawal on October 6 and then a full withdrawal a week later, the clear US intention has been embodied in its attitude toward two issues: Regarding the Astana trio, USA has worked, through the Syrian Northeast file, to provoke conflicts between the three member states of Astana trio, and used this file as well as Idlib to prevent, or at least delay and disturb, the launch of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. However, what actually happened after the October 22 agreement between the Russia and Turkey, with Iranian support to this agreement, as well as support of it from the Syrian government – USA found itself paralyzed; US withdrawal led to effects completely contrary to the US desires, because the understanding between the three components of Astana trio has been further strengthened and deepened. Even more, there began a push for two dialogues which are unacceptable at all for USA; the first one is an internal Syrian-Syrian dialogue between the Syrian forces in the north-east of Syria on the one hand and the Syrian government on the other hand. The second dialogue is between the Syrian government and the Turkish government on the basis of international law. Thus, the American side found itself outside the entire equation, and US weight has become closer to zero in the overall Syrian issue.

On this basis, a setback took place during the past week, through the US actions related to the Syrian oil, and related to the forces in the north-east of Syria. USA hopes that this setback would lead to making the entire solution booby-trapped, delayed, and linked to the American will. Grasping the US behavior should notice not only the US steps related to Syria and Astana trio, but also the US steps in Iraq. A complete US withdrawal from Syria will open the door to the collapse of the US presence in Iraq within not too long period, especially with the rise of organization of the popular movement in Iraq.

The US bullying that puts its hand on the Syrian wealth in the northeast under the pretext of protecting it, while practically stealing it, will not be accepted by any Syrian patriot, and the Syrian people, in cooperation with their allies, including the insistence on the political solution and the full implementation of the UNSC resolution 2254, will find out suitable ways for pushing USA to completely get out of Syria, because the facts of the past disastrous years prove, on a daily basis, that the real solution to the Syrian crisis would necessarily pass through raising mutual understanding between the Syrians themselves on the one hand, and the Astana trio on the other hand, and through reducing the American weight to the minimum limit, up to nullifying it. This would eventually be a reality, within not far deadlines, and some of the major indicators of this would come exactly from inside the USA itself, at the doorsteps of the next Great Depression!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 939, November 10, 2019